Why persons like Sai Baba are burdened with unusual and particular sexual desires


Date: 07-29-02

From: editors of www.exbaba.com

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Preface from the editors of www.exbaba.com

David Deida is an American who has worked for many years now with men and women in helping all to find, as he encapsulates in the title of his book, ‘finding God through sex’. If you’re interested in such material, it’s worth looking into his book.

The underneath writing is not the original English and it's not a very good translation, but we are still looking for an appropriate one.

Originally: David Deida Finding God through Sex, Austin, Texas: Plexus, 2001.

Many men and women who offer a large contribution to the world, often are burdened with unusual and particular sexual desires. Your sexual desires are a reflection of your energy and if you have much to give, you flow with a strong energy. A small stream can expand to a wide, wild gulf, meaning, your sexual fantasies can become very strong in case you give much to the world.

This is one of the reasons why so many political leaders, entertainers and spiritual leaders are involved in sex scandals. These people guide a large energy. In them short desires and dark dreams that anyone is familiar with, can get an enormous strong ‘weight’ and get blown up to the biggest deeds, that can be glorious in light and darkness, in ‘moral’ and in perversity.

To the degree that we grow spiritually, we are obliged to take our sexual ‘wildness’ in the humor of open love. When our energy begins to flow stronger, also our sexual desires and fantasies increase – our defects come to the fore as much as our talents. If we share our talents in large amounts, we become more aware of our sexual ‘handicaps’ (defects?), that because of that can be largely exaggerated.

If we keep our energy in, in order not to feel these handicaps/defects, we also keep behind our greatest talents. However, we can bring our shame to wisdom and let all our sexual lusts come to surface. Upon that, we can let them, [the ‘defects’] which are formed through a past upon which we had no influence, shrivel to nothing with compassion, humor and understanding.