His Eminence Cardinal A. J. Simonis

3508 SB Utrecht


Dear Mr.Simonis


I would like to ask your attention to the following matter.


For two years already I have been working voluntarely for the exbaba group in Holland and the world. I control the websites and (both sites are the same) My ‘web name’ is Ex Baba and my email for that site is Yet I have never been a follower of Sai Baba but I came into contact with the anti Sai Baba movement by chance.


Sai Baba is an Indian guru, who has millions of followers in India and in the world. He has a great number of devotees in the Indian government. Among them is the premier A. J. B. Vaipayee.


Because of the spread of the internet during the last few years, the bad side of this 'Godman' in India was brought to light. We are convinced the man is involved in cases of pederasty, financial fraud, and so-called ‘wonders’, which have deceived many intellectuals of different religions. He has preached that he is God and told that before he will leave this world he will save the world from an enormous catastrophe, etc.


Many formal complaints against Sai Baba have already been lodged with the FBI in the USA, Chicago Scotland Yard, the office of the German Judiciary Officer, the federal police of home affairs in Australia. This last mentioned has published negative travel advice to India  and UNESCO has given negative advice to the media.   


Most leading newspapers in the world have done important research and written considerable articles (all of them can be read on our site), USA (SALON.COM), UK (TIMES OF LONDON, DAILY TELEGRAPH), DENMARK (BT), SWEDEN (SØKAREN), HOLLAND (TROUW), GERMANY (BILD, FOCUS), INDIA (INDIA TODAY), AUSTRALIA (THE AGE), CANADA (OTTAWA CITIZEN, TORONTO STAR, VANCOUVER SUN) etc.


For our group and for me it is important to convince you and the other important leaders of the Roman Catholic church, warning you against the enormous influence this Sai Baba has on millions of people in the whole world.


As I have already mentioned, a great many members of the Indian government are devotees (= dedicated persons) of Sai Baba. Besides the premier some people in the Defence Ministry, several other former prime ministers, the judiciary, the government and diplomats are all faithful followers and believe he is the highest of all sacred incarnations.


So far this is only a sketch of the situation in India in the world in relation to the guru Sathya Sai Baba.


My question is: Are there any possible influences in the catholic church with regard to the teachings of Sai Baba?


I ask you this question, because I had an unpleasant experience during a phone call with pastor B.J.van Schaik from Vossemeer, tel.016750 2385 (no email-address).He is a devotee of Sai Baba and is going to deliver a lecture during the Unity of Faiths Seminar in Grootebroek (near Enkhuizen) on August 31.





During this meeting representatives of various religions, including followers of Sai Baba, are to be present there. Pastor Van Schaik will possibly link up Sai Baba and the catholic faith.


On August 20th I phoned pastor Van Schaik in the evening and asked him if he knew Sai Baba. He answered affirmatively. When I mentioned the fraud around Sai Baba he said he knew much of this 'slander' and then answered: ' I know what I know and that's enough'. He did not wish any discussion about this subject. Shortly after I phoned him again, but instead of listening he replaced the receiver.


What struck me during this short conversation was that he said he followed the way of God (of course a very good way), but apparently he shuts his eyes when I speak about the allegations (according to me, true facts) concerning Sai Baba.


Of course it is not my intention to play the 'squealer'. Naturally I am convinced of the bona fides of pastor Van Schaik. Maybe he was frightened because of my two phone calls, but I intended to warn him. Moreover it is well-known that the process of discovering the truth concerning this Indian guru will be painful for many people.


Thus my letter. You may contact me on my email-address


Many thanks for your attention and possible reaction to this letter.


With kind regards,


Ex Baba




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