His Eminence Cardinal A.J.Simonis                                                                                           08-27-02

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Dear Mr. Simonis


This letter is a follow-up to my former letter of August 26-2002. I had forgotten to date it. In connection with a talk with Klaas en Jenny Knol (ex-baba devotees) Rolandseck 120, 6865 AG Doorwerth, tel/fax 0263343194, email, I got affirmation about pastor Bertus van Schaik. The latter is indeed a Sai Baba devotee, who delivers lectures here and there. According to them pastor Van Schaik is a very amiable and pious man, who has been up to now a Sai Baba devotee for years at a stretch and even considers him as God on earth.

Pastor Van Schaik is a beloved man among his parishioners, as it can be seen on the following site of internet, There we can read:


R.K.Church Joannes the Baptist


The church dates from 1873


Was founded in 1795, together with Was founded in 1795, together with a group of faithful catholic men of S.Philipsland. There are now about 2000 parishioners.

Bertus van Schaik is his name. He is Priest of the Holy Heart shortened s.c.j.. His device sounds: "May Jesus' Story go on".



Devine services:


Saturday 19.00 o'clock and Sunday 9.00 o'clock: Eucharistic Celebration.

Monday and Wednesday 19.00 o'clock: evening mass in the chapel.

Thursday 19.00 o'clock: Medjugorje-celebration with prayer, singing, meditation and chaplet.

Friday: 19.00 o'clock: Eucharistic Celebration in the old people's house De Vossemeren.


In many houses in Nieuw-Vossemeer and surroundings the following saying has been hung on the walls by pastor Van Schaik.


Start the day with love


Pass the day with love


Fill the day with love


Close the day with love


That is the way to God



A beautiful saying, that's ok, but this saying is inspired by Sai Baba, whose device is: 'Love all, Serve all'. (Note from translator; not just ‘inspired by’… this is one of Sai Baba’s most famous sayings!)


Nothing but good is said about pastor Bertus Van Schaik, but he and father Theo van Rossum, o.s.f., Dr.Timmerslaan 9, 5741 XE, Beek en Donk, tel.0492464309, are ardent followers of Sai Baba and authors of some books concerning Sai Baba. They both worship a divine pederast. Both Van Schaik and Van Rossum are authorities in the Roman Catholic Church.You may understand that Sai Baba's teachings can be propagated by them and show the same (wrong) way to the church people. Afterwards many of these misled people will come to know they are misled, because they see that Sai Baba is a charlatan. Then they will come into conflict with their pastor, because he has shown them the way to Sai Baba.


Herewith I hope that I have informed you sufficiently. If there are any questions or remarks, please write me without restraint or send me an email on,



With best wishes.


Ex Baba





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