By: Robert Priddy

Date: 11-29-03



Let's take a brief look again at the supposed 'wisdom' of the self-acclaimed 'universal world teacher and avatar'. SSB talks of envy and hatred as robber twins, insect pests and characterises them as evil (Golden Age 1980, p. vii), and characterises these as more tremendous sins than anything else (One immediately asks, but what of cunning lies, power madness, premeditated murder, violent torture, genocide, abusive sex?). No, he simply loses all sense of proportion when he is riding his hobby-horse. For example:-


"Anger and hatred are demonic qualities Asooya (envy) is worse than either of them. You must get rid of these demonic qualities and attune your life to divinity." Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 18, p. 40

"The greatest single cause for darkness in the world today is envy. When one is happy and contented, others envy him and strive to ruin his peace of mind. When anyone is acclaimed as great, malice moves others to invent calumny, in order to tarnish his reputation." Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 8, p. 226

"Egoism is accompanied by another dire disease called Asurya (envy). There are cures for all kinds of diseases in the world,. But there are no remedies for egoism and envy. Total ruin is the only cure for these two diseases." (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol. 30, p.213f.)

"There are two types of persons, the one with "animal-human" qualities always show hatred, jealousy, greed, and anger. The other type with "human-divine" qualities will always be happy, peaceful and full of love. They will always adhere to truth." (Sai Echoes from Kodai Hills, 1998, p. 18.)


This last is typical Sathya Sai Baba... a sheer parody of psychological insight... it is sheer black-white kindergarten mentality. This is odious cult belief material par excellence! There are no remedies at all... but we must get rid of these 'demonic qualities' nonetheless. What sheer patronising twaddle is this? I just do not experience envy from every other because I am happy, or attempts to "ruin my peace of mind" (excluding certain 'Sai devotees' who have posted against me, though in vain). All the SSB sermonising above is wild exaggeration and, moreover, is a destructive way of thinking altogether. Shame on you, Sathya Sai, you ought to know better!

SSB preaches constantly on a considerable number of different sins. His various lists of deadly sins include anything from one or two up to an including dozens. Remarkably, each sin is presented in a self-defeating and authoritarian way by him as being the greatest, most heinous or most damning of all sins! These include, as one would expect 'hatred', 'violence', 'anger', 'untruth', 'gossip' etc.. Yet less convincing is the mortal sin of 'lack of faith' (especially in him as the one pure and perfect avatar); 'back-biting' (especially about him, one soon realises), 'ingratitude', (esp. towards him, God in person); 'egoism' (which includes any kind of self-interest whatever); 'impeding the divine purpose' (i.e. stating negative facts about him), criticising others (especially him, who criticises literally everyone), 'desire and lust' (esp. when attributed to him, no doubt) and so on as per usual! (especially, he often implies by the context, of those who SSB likes and attends to). Except that he never ever calls himself a sinner, admittedly!

So SSB's "universal" preaching lists all the traditional sins of fundamentalist religionists! Contradictorily, he has also has said that it is a "direct sin to call oneself a sinner" (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol 2, Ch. 22, p. 116). I am not, or course, advocating hate, jealousy or envy (as I know that some witless Sai devotees believe)... but just pointing out the rabid nature of SSB's proclamations.

Anyone who so much as questions his many questionable words and deeds, is regarded as a sinner by his followers, at best as a poor deluded soul condemned to terrible rebirths and retroactive karma etc. Such persons are automatically excluded (compassionately?) from his organisations and ashrams, for his teaching is implemented throughout the authoritarian and top-down social institutions, which disempower those who join them. This is what makes the Sathya Sai movement a genuine exclusive and self-defensive cult.

The Sathya Sai Organisation even requires that one signs up to a regime which formally and explicitly grants no priviliges of any kind to its members... and this is practised too, for one has not even the privilege of being heard nor being able to question openlyand frankly anything whatever that is decided from above, however irrelevant, senseless or contrary to genuine human values it turns out to be (i.e. covering up facts and spreading untruths). To join the SSO is to agree to accept very strict limitations on what one can do or say altogether... and these limitations are not made clear from the outset, they become evident only as time goes on and one meets the brick wall of being ignored or rejected. Intelligent people are soon reduced to parroting the most inane moralisms...

The moralistic and sin-oriented part of SSB's teaching is as strict and restrictive as any religious sect and it gives a classical recipe for repression of individuality. The lack of understanding of the many concomitant causes and personal reasons for whatever he chooses to condemn as bad and evil is really quite remarkable. In fact, anyone who examines the discourses closely and thoroughly - and critically investigates the available facts about the actual behaviour plus the hidden life of SSB - finds inalienable proof that SSB himself commits all these 'heinous sins' himself! What a 'Divine example'!