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In 1978, not long after graduating high school, I met and befriended a woman that was much older physically than I was. She did a form of automatic writing and that was why we initially became friends. In upcoming months, it was she who first introduced me in this life to the legend of the miraculous Sai Baba, who was able to create rings out of thin air, and then touch them while the person was wearing them to make the rings fit perfectly. When she told me this, I immediately intuited that Sai Baba was not a spiritual master, only someone that had a very powerful Gift of the Spirit given to him. Even then I instinctively knew that Sai Baba was not a true God Realized Master.

Eventually, I viewed a number of video documentaries on Sai Baba and skimmed through some of his printed material. In retrospect, I really couldn't find anything in his teachings that was what I consider to be representative of advanced spirituality.

In 1992, I had the rare opportunity to spend hours one Saturday afternoon in Maryland, talking with a well-known metaphysical author, UFO researcher and Christian Mystic, Ray Stanford, at his private residence. In addition to authoring a number of books (like The Fatima Prophecy), Mr. Stanford headed 'Project Starlight' in the American southwest back in the 1970s, the purpose of which was to detect alien spacecraft with the latest sensing equipment. He has appeared on television talk shows a number of times through the years and at the time I saw him he was working on another book. 

In addition to a number of fascinating anecdotes that Ray told me about regarding his personal friendship with the famed, Israeli telekinetic, Uri Geller, he also gave me his perspective on Sai Baba. He stated that he was given from Spirit that Sai Baba received his power from "entities on the lower plane." He also told me that he knew of a woman that lived at Sai Baba's ashram in India and that she was very worried that her son (who was around the age of ten) would be sodomized (raped) by Baba, as he was known to do, but that she was too terrified to say anything about it for fear of what they would do to both of them. Ray also stated that Sai Baba's sodomy of young boys caused their rectums to bleed!

Sai Baba has absolute authority in India, along with his own private security force to (at least) remove those people there that oppose him.

Does this foremost Swami of India sound to you like he is the leader of a benign cult?

Fast forward from 1992 to 1995: I met and befriended a Hindu Mystic and monk at Satchidananda Ashram, near Charlottesville, Virginia. His name was Gurudas Natarajan. (His name was later changed to Ishtan Natarajan.) While at the Ashram, I asked him about Sai Baba and he provided me with a confirmation that Sai Baba was known to rape young boys, and that many consider him to be just a magician.

On a side issue: Ishtan also stated to me that I was the only man he has ever met that can perceive the same Hindu spirits that he channels.

In all objectivity, Sai Baba's Gifts are genuine, despite the fact that he cannot do them all of the time and occasionally resorts to slight of hand trickery when he is forced to perform in public and keep up his image as an Avatar. Nonetheless, there is a growing number of people around the world that have come out publicly to accuse him of being a sexual predator to many young men and boys at his ashram over a period of many years.

My own insight as a SOL Mystic, which was confirmed to me in part by the Christian Mystic, Ray Stanford, as well as by the Hindu Mystic, Ishtan Natarajan, is that Sai Baba is a subangel (demon) prophet who has powerful Gifts of the Spirit (like Charisma, Healing and Manifestation, i.e., the ability to create food and jewelry), given to him by millions of spiritually indifferent discarnates in the Lower Realms of Spirit. They combine their soul energy into a group consciousness for the sake of collective power so that they can manifest these Gifts of telekinesis but they are not spiritually principled. They project a clever, well-orchestrated illusion to millions of incarnate people around the world that Sai Baba is a God Realized Avatar. In actuality, he is just a pedophile subangel prophet.

This situation illustrates the important spiritual truth that just because someone has impressive Gifts of the Spirit does not mean that he or she is on a high spiritual level. It should be remembered that Adolph Hitler had the Gifts of Charisma and Prophecy, and most agree that he was not a moral or spiritual person, to say the least.

What we also have here is a quintessential example of people without any real moral conviction or developed spiritual attainment valuing power over truth. The lower elements always value power over truth. The power surrounding Sai Baba (e.g., to manifest jewelry and food) is more important to millions of devotees than are the allegations made from credible people that Sai Baba is a sexual predator!

Those that oppose Sai Baba of India value truth over the power of under evolved group consciousness in the Lower Realms of Spirit. SOL Mystics/Solists have experienced direct and indirect astral persecution, oftentimes severe, from that large subangel collective. We are therefore highly motivated to assist in exposing Sai Baba and the subangel group consciousness that powers his Gifts.

Sai Baba is now an old man. Noticeably, his Gifts have lessened through the years because he and his subangel group have abused the privilege, much to their frustration. For example, in recent years, a former devotee at the ashram noticed a look of angst on Baba's face when he tried to manifest something and found that it didn't work. The old power just isn't there like it used to be, probably due to the retrogression (weakening) of the discarnates that supported his perverted acts as a sexual predator of young men and boys.

According to THE SOCIETY OF LIGHT, there is a prophet that has emerged in the public eye: a magician known as David Blaine. He was a Yogi in a former life and this is the reason behind his unusual ability to control his body.

Being able to control the body has nothing to do with the ability to love genuinely and deeply, serving others, Radiating daily, cultivating Purity and Humility, and living by The Golden Rule, i.e., being a very spiritual person.

David Blaine is not really a spiritual person, as is indicated by this following quote from the on-line article:

"At drama school he discovered a talent for manipulating emotions and was rumoured by students to have killed a pigeon with the power of his mind."

Technically, David Blaine is a subangel prophet like Sai Baba, but as of yet, is not known to also be a pedophile or sexual predator. He has one of the largest Group Entities in existence (that changes members constantly due to retrogression) that provide him with various telekinetic Gifts. The Gifts of Sai Baba have lessened through the years. The Gifts of David Blaine have increased and he currently holds the dubious honor of being the most powerful subangel prophet currently living on this planet.