To people leaving Sai Baba


By: Anthony Thomas

From: Sai Baba - Anti Christ? Quick Topic Discussion Board, message 26:

Date: 08-19-2001 03:57 PM ET (US)

Excerpt from post:

I haven't been a devotee, so I am not going to have the understanding that ex-devotees have about leaving, but I have a few thoughts. Perhaps others can add to these.

To people leaving sb, I would say -

"First of all, take time in your life for yourself. Time to be silent and still. No pressures. Don't fill your days up so there is no time left for you. This is not a luxury, it is a necessity. Take however long it takes for you.

Let go of any anger you may have toward him and to yourself.

Don't let yourself hate him. Love is the answer, regardless of people's actions. We don't have to stoop low enough to hate anyone. If we do, we are in the same band as them - heavy.

Let go of any fear that 'you may really be leaving God and that you perhaps just didn't understand what he was really doing.' (He is NOT God - and we know what he is really doing!)

Trust yourself. You are capable of standing alone -without a guru or the support of your devotee friends. You will make new friends. Life goes on. Eventually they will all leave him anyway!

Bring light into your life. Make your environment peaceful. Do fun things. Life is for living.

Try and let go to ideas that come up like 'I was stupid - I have wasted all these years - how could I have been so deceived.'
There is learning and growth in absolutely everything and who says it was wrong that you were there. I think I would trust myself more and realize we are not stupid. You wouldn't have been there if it wasn't going to benefit you in some way. I expect devotees have had many magical and inspirational moments and grown stronger through many facets including sharing an increased understanding of love and devotion with fellow devotees. You are bound to find you have learnt a lot and grown a better person for it all. Perhaps it is just that now it is time to move on to discover new things. Perhaps to find that divine truth lies within and we are our own connection to Source.