Unity of thought, word and deed?



Date: 10-10-02

By: Robert Priddy


Website: http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk/

The internal person is the real being, from where the soul or spirit comes to expression. Part of our mind is voluntary, in that the human will has its internal moments of truth and conscience whereby we can choose between desires, between which thoughts to entertain or forget and which actions to carry out. Therefore, unity of thought, word and deed is a necessary condition of thinking, being and doing good. But it is not a sufficient condition, because we can also choose to think, speak and act wrongly. If the heart entertains bad thoughts and wishes wrong - this may eventually come to expression in words or actions too. This is also unity of thought, word and deed… but it is not the right kind of deed. From all such choices, the rest of our individual characters eventually follows. To assert that humans are without free will of any kind and are as more puppets or ‘sugar dolls’ – as SB often has often done - is a blatant absurdity. But it is not absurd to him, for it is a means of making people submit to him as the only Doer… an even less intelligible and impracticable piece of confused and confusing untruth. Once a person tries the impossible – to direct his life accordingly (he who can direct nothing anyhow), his mind becomes more and more impressionable, less constructive and vital. He begins to act like a puppet, doing what he is told without believing he is doing anything. This is a form of what has been  called existential alienation and basic inauthenticity of being.