Sai Baba


Date: 12-22-01

By: Psychic Vera


Document date: 07-30-01

Sai Baba is supposed to be a god-man from India. He materializes physical objects and summons people in their dreams. People that have never heard of him before dreaming about him, eventually end up in his ashram in India. He has psychic powers. There is evidence, however, that he is a pedophile. The last time I checked, being a god-man and a pedophile at the same time is incongruent. Last week I read an article in Salon by Michelle Goldberg about this guru and the accusations against him.

Sai Baba has been around for some time and has done many good works in one of the poorest sections of India near his birthplace Puttaparthi. He has established two free hospitals, a planetarium, built luxury apartment buildings, among other things. He has made a significant contribution to his country. However, the stories against him are disturbing and extremely unpleasant. If they are true, he shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. God men are not above the law, either, particularly when young people are victims of their lawlessness. Like Rajneesh, Sai Baba is a Sagittarius. This is a sign that when it goes wrong, thinks it can make its own laws. How about Ted Bundy?

I was first introduced to Sai Baba in the 80's when a friend of mine gave me one of his books and described his own journey to the ashram in India. Unfortunately, I can't remember what he said at the time except for describing some disturbing dreams while there and the materialization of vibhuti (divine ash). I read the book and was somewhat interested in it, but I couldn't get past a feeling of disquiet when I looked at Sai Baba's picture.

In the early 90's I bought a used book written about Sai Baba by a former disciple, Tal Brooke, mentioned in the Michelle Goldberg article in Salon. Lord of the Air is an expose written by a fellow that left the ashram in India, become a Christian, and later became president of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project. I'd left the book languish on my shelf until last week when I picked it up to read after coming upon the Salon article. Brooke's book was very disturbing. He was picked out especially to receive very personal attention from Sai Baba, which seemed to be a kudo, when you realize how many disciples the "god-man" has had. Instead, Brooke's special allure for Baba seems to have been sexual. Brooke describes the sexual advances Baba made upon him and other men in the ashram. Both for Brooke and other male victims, the sexual harassment was deeply disturbing because they couldn't integrate it with his supposed god-like nature. God wouldn't try to put the make on you, would he? Therefore, it must be something else. Sai Baba must be trying to do something else, other than sexually accost you. Any criticism or acknowledgement of Baba's sexual advances was considered a denial of Baba's godliness.

I'd read of other god men's sexual dysfunctionalism. There was Mukdananda who told his disciples that married couples should only have sex once a month, and yet had young women come through a secret passage in the ashram to his room to have sex with him. There was Jim Jones that not only peed on the Bible but accosted men and women sexually. Of course, there was Joseph Smith, a horny devil and founder of Mormonism, who created the doctrine of multiple wives in order to have sex with as many women as he could manage. More recently there was David Koresh who had sex with his disciples, including the children. Most of these phony god-men probably told the victim that having sex with someone as exalted as they were was bound to elevate the disciple's spiritual state.

I didn't realize what a good case Tal Brooke made for Sai Baba and demonic possession until I had horrible nightmares after finishing Lord of the Air (renamed Avatar of Night). The two nightmares were more frightening than any I'd had in a very long time. I was being pursued by demons and was unable to move or scream out. I had the impression, with my proclivity for traveling on the astral plane, that those nightmares were sent to me by Sai Baba himself. He makes a habit of entering the dreams of many other people that were unfamiliar with him, in order to attract them as disciples. After two nights of extremely frightening dreams, I had to use an invocation that I'd found in Christian occultist, Dion Fortune's, book, Psychic Self-Defense. Besides using this invocation, I also visualized putting on the armor of God as described by Paul in Ephesians, 6:10-20, for spiritual protection in my dreams. There was a third prong to my defense. I've been taking the Bach flower essence, crab apple, a remedy that is used for those that feel impure, for whatever reason. So far the three prong approach has worked, as I knew it would. I have not been troubled since