Clinical Diagnosis of Satya Sai

Baba’s Sexual Offenses


Compiled by David Wilcock


Primary excerpts from Crisis Intervention Strategies by Drs. Burl E. Gilliand and Richard K. James, Memphis State University, Brooks / Cole Publishing Company, Belmont, California 1993, ch. 6 pp. 225-254, and various articles from the website, especially a letter by Meenakshi Srikanth:  

[Introduction: Sai Baba’s offenses undoubtedly will be a shock, horror and surprise for many individuals. (This document does not include data regarding the fact that he has systematically faked all of his "miracle" materializations of objects, at least since the early 1980s and possibly all along.) The reader must remain patient as we will start with an analysis and only describe the more graphic sexual offenses as the document progresses. The disclosure of his sexual offenses may also bring up powerful issues within the individuals reading this document, especially if they themselves have been through such forms of abuse. We need to be absolutely objective in analyzing the facts and not be blinded by the standard denials imposed by human beings when faced with information that is uncomfortable to them – such as is so frequently seen in the "cult of suppression" within the UFO field. Many followers have transposed their ideas about God onto this man and will thus find it difficult or impossible to believe that such events could be true. This document is intended to show that Sai Baba’s entire pattern of offenses, as well as the large-scale complicity of his inner hierarchy, dovetails precisely with extant clinical literature on sexual assault.]  

From Crisis Intervention Strategies, chapter 6:

Sexual Assault

…Rapists come from every segment of society. People who rape and commit other forms of sexual abuse/misuse have been identified in every stratum of society – from judges to messenger boys, from weaklings to muscular types, from vagrants to corporate executives, from husbands and fathers to strangers, from known friends or relatives to unknown intruders… 

[Note: Impossible to believe, but more and more would-be spiritual leaders such as Satya Sai Baba are being implicated in just such matters.]

Phases of Child Sexual Abuse –

Engagement phase. The abuser’s objective in the engagement phase is to get the child involved in sexual activity with the abuser. Both access to the child and opportunity (privacy) are needed if the abuser is to be successful. Therefore, if we were looking for possible instances of unreported abuse, we would identify times and situations when the potential abuser and the child were alone together. We must also look for different strategies that two different types of abusers (child molesters and child rapists) may employ (Murphy, 1985, p.1).

[Note: As you read the multiplicity of accounts of Sai Baba’s abuse of young adults and children on the website, you will see that in every case, the abuse occurs within the confined, private space of an "interview," as he calls it.]

Molesters tend to use enticement and entrapment to get the child engaged in sexual activity. Enticement may include deceit, trickery, rewards, or the use of adult authority to tell the child in a matter-of-fact way that the child is expected to participate. Entrapment is used to manipulate the child into feeling obligated to participate through traps, blackmail, and so forth. Molesters may make pornographic pictures or video tapes and convince the child that there is no other choice than going along with the secret activity and may also seek to impose guilt by making the child feel responsible for the abuse (Murphy, 1985, p.1).

Child rapists use threat (particularly the threat of harm) or the imposition of superior physical force to engage the child in the abusive activity…

[Note: Based on these classifications, all of the above apply to Sai Baba, when studying the available literature. Sai Baba is primarily a child molester whose primary tool is enticement. All accounts agree that his young victims are given significant financial rewards – such as "covers (envelopes) with crisp hundred rupee notes" referred to in an excerpt from Meenakshi Srikanth’s letter below. Also, this quote from said letter is also significant: "Whenever Swami came to Bangalore, there always used to be a few students who got interviews every other day. These students were often referred to as those who are 'in form' (a cricket analogy) with Swami. These students were among the most privileged in the hostel."

At this stage, where disclosure is no longer imminent but is actively occurring en masse, Sai Baba has become desperate and is now resorting to the use of threats, as we shall see in the following excerpts. ]

Sexual interaction phase. Types of abuse may include… [List of all possible sexual offenses, touching, fondling, et cetera.] Children may be coaxed into cooperation, not consenting, because abusers – as adult authority figures – often command, engage, or enlist cooperation from the child. Children lack the maturity, experience, and age to be able to consent, but they may cooperate because of their subservient status (Murphy, 1985, p.2; Plummer, 1984, p. 145).

[Note: Again from Srikanth’s letter: "One of them [young boy students] used to tell me harrowing stories. When Swami was in Brindavan, he [the boy] used to get the call for interview at least once in three days. Whereas a student when he gets an interview is usually so elated and pleased that Swami has recognized his devotion etc. this boy, lets call him Nandan, always have a grim face as he walked into the bungalow. He never attended classes those days in which he got an interview. I have often seen him show marks in his chest and chin and say things like, "innikku kadichtaarudaa!", followed by a flow of choice words of slang. Nandan often used to get covers from Swami in public and sometimes he would be asked to open it. It would contain crisp hundred rupee notes. There is another word for giving money for such acts.

"Nandan was helpless. He could not go home and complain. His family and parents were devotees for 30 years and their very lives have been defined around Baba. Nandan since he knew the world has been knowing Swami and none else as god. He was first initiated into doing this by Swami when he was in school. Swami told him that he (Swami) was the only purusha in the world and the whole world was his wife. Nandan was asked to think of himself as Radha devoted to the Krishna. Nandan's whole attitude towards life is now irrevocably changed."

Purusha is the primary male god in the Hindu trinity. Sai Baba has assigned himself the title of God and therefore feels that "the whole world was his wife," and that therefore he can force sexual acts upon whomever he wishes – to the point of sodomizing children, et cetera. This fits the classic patterns of rationalization of the behaviors, as seen further down in the excerpts. The parents of the victim are completely blinded by their devotion to this leader, arguably one of the top three most popular "gurus" in the modern world.]

Secrecy phase. Abusers communicate to children that others must not discover the sexual activity. The objective of abusers is to continue the activity. This necessitates avoiding detection and maintaining access to the child while continuing the abuse. The techniques for maintaining the secrecy may involve incorporating "rules" or "games," implicating the child in the activity, and setting the child up to be responsible for keeping the secret (Bass & Thornton, 1983; Murphy, 1985, p.2).

[Note: At this link,, we can observe Sai Baba’s recent public statements from 15th October 1999, Prashanti Nilayam against these allegations. Among other notable quotations regarding the need for his devotees to maintain secrecy, Sai Baba said the following:

"Some of the elders sitting in the Verandah are indulging in gossip; it is finding its way into the Internet. Anyone found talking in the Verandah should be sent out immediately, whosoever it may be. All those who give misleading information about what Swami tells them in the interview room should also be thrown out. I will never call such people for interview again. Only those who observe silence are good people. Silence fosters purity. Therefore observe silence at all times. It is a waste of time if you carry tales about others. What have you come here for? Vain gossip causes harm to many. So refrain from indulging in it."

Even more directly revealing is the following statements, which show Sai Baba’s degree of paranoia and fear surrounding the next phase of child sexual abuse listed below, namely Disclosure:

"Ignorance is on the rise with the progress of science. Truly speaking science has not matured. Man has become senseless. All the trials and tribulations faced in this world are due to the so-called development in science and technology. It is not technology but it is 'tricknology'. Do not become a slave to such technology. Uphold truth and righteousness. Cultivate love and experience divinity. Students, do not harbour any undesirable thoughts. Do not get perturbed by such misinformation campaigns. Swami is always with you. He has been showering His love and grace on you. You too have immense love for Swami. Attain Swami through love. You cannot attain Swami through any other path but love.

Swami has nothing to do with Internet. Not only now, even in future also You should not indulge in such wrong activities."

As we can see from this excerpt, the offender is forbidding his worshippers to have access to the sources of information that reveal his true actions, and is furthermore demonizing these sources. By labeling technology as "tricknology" and the use of the Internet as a "wrong activity," he is trying to blame the development of modern society for revealing his own "trials and tribulations". Furthermore we can see how he calls any contemplation of his illicit actions as "undesirable thoughts." The use of words of love further shows how he wishes to distort his true face behind a wall of flowery language.]

Disclosure phase. Sometimes the abuser is discovered accidentally. At other times the abuse is disclosed intentionally by the child or someone else… The way the abuse is disclosed can affect the child’s self-esteem and reaction to treatment. For instance, disbelieving adults sometimes respond by blaming and punishing the child – and allow the sexual abuse to continue (Molmen, 1982, pp. 35-36; Murphy, 1985, p.2).

[Note: The disclosure of Sai Baba’s offenses is already in high gear. The above excerpt from Sai Baba’s own public statement clearly shows that blaming and punishing the victims has already occurred: "All those who give misleading information about what Swami tells them in the interview room should also be thrown out. I will never call such people for interview again."

From David Bailey’s expose, linked below, we get the following about a successful disclosure that halted Sai Baba’s operations in Sweden:

"Early in 1999 a young Swedish man returned from a visit to the ashram and made a full statement to his co-ordinating committee about his sexual experiences with Swami during six interviews. Within hours of this revelation, one of the top officials of Sweden’s Sai organisation was on our doorstep, asking why we had left Sai Baba. He and his wife, both really lovely people, were absolutely devastated to hear the young man’s story confirmed. After saying brokenly ‘I cannot be part of this’ he went outside and sat on the steps in our front garden and sobbed his heart out. He had been a devotee for more than twenty years, and his wife had written two books on Sai Baba and another was already at the point of being printed.

He went home to resign his position from something he had given years of his life and his love to, and she cancelled her book and withdrew the others from the market. Within days there was public confirmation - that these things I had spoken about through the year to a small number of serious seekers of truth - were indeed happening to others as well.

Soon after, the Sai school in Sweden closed."

Obviously the courage for disclosure must now continue to the point of bringing this information to the level of common knowledge in the New Age / Spiritual community.]

Suppression phase. The suppression phase may begin as soon as disclosure takes place. Suppression may be attempted by the abuser, the child, parents, other family members, professionals, the community, or an institution. There are many reasons for suppression: fear of publicity; fear of reprisal; to protect the reputation of a family, an abuser, or an institution; to avoid prosecution; to avoid responsibility; to protect the child; to avoid embarrassment; to avoid the kinds of confrontation and intervention required to deal effectively with the difficult and sensitive situation; and fear of getting involved.

[Note: Again, previous excerpts have covered this category quite well. Pay special attention to the sentence that says, "There are many reasons for suppression… [such as] to protect… an institution." If David Wilcock had fear of getting involved and writing this summarization, the suppression phase would only be further aided.]

Survival phase. On the basis of our own experience and the reports of a number of other writers (Besharov, 1990; Kendrick, 1991), we have added a sixth phase, the survival phase. It is during this phase that we recommend implementation of strategies for helping the child and the family to respond to and recover from the abuse as much as possible. Phase 6 includes stopping the abuse, providing needed medical and psychological treatment for the child, and helping the significant others close to the child to overcome the trauma, fear, anger, and despair caused by the abuse (Benedict, 1985; Grossman & Sutherland, 1983). It also involves preventing further abuse (Bass & Thornton, 1983; Colao & Hosansky, 1983; Plummer 1984; Townley, 1985)…

[Note: The study and knowledge of this phase is best suited for those who have personally experienced said trauma, or know someone else who has experienced it.]

In summarizing the dynamics of child sexual abuse, it appears that abusers and pedophiles – adults who have an abnormal sexual desire for children – are able to carry on their activities because children are largely powerless and vulnerable and because families and society are reluctant to face and deal with the realities of the abuse.

[Note: The next set of excerpts further reveals family system dynamics of sexual abuse that apply equally well to the enclosed communities headed by Sai Baba where this abuse is taking place. Here, when you see the word "family" just transpose it with the words "religious organization:"]

Family Dynamics

The incestuous family may operate much like an alcoholic or battered family in developing a series of messages or rules that pivot around denial, duplicity, deceit, role confusion, violence, and social isolation (Courtois, 1988, p.45). Children receive messages such as:

1. Do not show feelings, especially anger.

2. Be in control at all times; do not ask for help.

3. Deny what is happening and do not believe your own senses / perceptions.

4. No one is trustworthy.

5. Keep the secret because no one will believe you anyway.

6. Be ashamed of yourself; you are to blame for everything.

[Note: In reference to the above points, special attention should be paid to information in this link,, where "famous musician" David Bailey, once an inner devotee of Sai Baba, says, among other things:

"Faye’s own son had been kissed repeatedly on his cheeks and the corners of his mouth when alone in the inner room with Sai Baba, and also sexually touched. And when it was obvious to Sai Baba that this behaviour was unwelcome, he began berating the young man in subsequent interviews with Faye, calling him ‘Mad dog! Hard hearted!’ and so on. At the time this seemed incongruous; it was only after we began travelling the world that the inconceivable and incomprehensible began to make itself clear.

When I asked various co-ordinators about these many disturbing incidents reported to me in our travels, I was told that Swami was ‘raising kundalini’. I questioned this in my mind. If he was capable of doing anything, why did he have to physically touch the boys, especially when they were unwilling? And what about when he had them actively engage in sex to him? It seems that an ongoing, serious and untenable infringement of basic human rights is being scurrilously perpetrated, in the name of ‘divinity’."

Also see this quote:

"On my last visit to Puttaparthi, a male student came and asked me for help, on behalf of some of his fellow students, because they were desperately in need of someone to stop Swami sexually abusing them. I was told how Sai Baba had for years been demanding that these particular boys have oral sex, and group sex for his pleasure. Their details matched what I had already been told so many times round the world. I asked him if this was an acceptable practice in India, and his look of horror as he denied it, spoke volumes.

Then he asked me a question I couldn’t answer.

‘Sir, why do you think ex-students tried to kill him in ’93 ...?’ (!!!)

I turned to several long time devotees on the verandah for explanation of these nefarious activities, and worried them with questions and suppositions until in the end they realised that I had found the truth, and then admitted that these things do happen; and then - agreed with each other that it was for his pleasure and nothing to do with kundalini raising."

In reference to denial, read the following quote:

"Different national co-ordinators I spoke to, both in India and after we returned home, continued for a time, to deny that it happens. But when it became obvious that I was not going to leave this issue alone, a couple of them telephoned me to say that yes I was correct and they had known of this for years. ‘But he is God, and God can do anything he likes.’ (!!!)"

Also read this excerpt regarding denial from Jens Sethi:

"During this frightening time at Puttaparthi I met an Italian couple we knew there and tried to tell them what had happened to me in interview with Sai Baba. They just closed their eyes and the lady shouted "Be quiet!! Shut up!! Sai Baba is our God, and all the bad stories are not true!!" Then they turned away. These same people had told me many years before that they could never find any peace at the ashram, and couldn’t understand it. But they would not listen to those who know it better. Nobody can possibly imagine how I felt while all of this was happening. I suffered a lot."

Denial can even occur within the victim himself. This excerpt speaks volumes, from Jens Sethi at Pay special attention to how long it took the victim to ever acknowledge what was really happening to him:

"On 17th January 1996 I got my first interview and he was very kind telling me nice things like "I will give you everything" as he touched and stroked my head. He said "I know you’re not sure about your life and future and so on. Also unhappiness from women. I know, don’t worry. Also you have some bad thoughts, not good". Then he said "I give you everything according to health, spirituality and life. Everything. I give you infinite love. You and me will become one". I touched his robe and he put his hand on the top of my head saying "I give you separate interview".

On 20th January 1996 I got the second interview. Already days before, he had established a strange eye-contact with me indicating the coming interview. My wife and I went to the interview and he acted very disappointed at seeing me together with my wife. He took me alone into the interview room and said "She is diseased and much older than you. Please separate from her". I was really shocked and replied "She is attached to me".

I asked him to give her some spiritual instruction, which he readily agreed to do, but he had something else on his mind.

Without asking permission he started kissing me on my lips for some time, and later asked me to open my trousers and ‘materialised’ some oil which he rubbed on the skin above my genitals. I felt very bad about all of this, but accepted, as I fully trusted Sai Baba.

Then he took my wife into the private interview room alone, and told her "Either you separate from the boy or I throw you out of Puttaparthi!". He appeared wild and furious (my wife told me afterwards) and she shivered all over. When she reappeared in a very short time, looking red faced and very scared, nobody dared ask her what happened in there.

He saw me again some days later in darshan and asked whether I had separated or not. I said "Not yet". He turned away and shouted so all people could hear "Bad, Bad boy!!!" He was so aggressive and seemed to radiate such an aura of evil that I was really shocked. We immediately left and went to north India for some pilgrimage.

This was a turning point, but after a time I decided to go once more to Sai Baba to clarify the matter. At the end of 1996 I returned to India and got interview on 4th December. In the interview he said "Where are you from?" When I told him I was from Germany, he responded "You are also a Hitler!". Shocked, I thought to myself "He is not very kind is he?"

Nevertheless, in the private room the greedy old man kissed me again direct and continuously on my lips for about twenty seconds, and gently stroked my back. By now I was certain that something was very wrong.

On 28th December I was again called for interview and he produced a golden ring which didn’t fit well on my finger in spite of his blowing on it. In the private chamber he said "Come" and again kissed me on the lips for some time as before. This time I resisted and he gurgled "Have no fear". I said "I have no fear". Then he said "This is a good opportunity, so many waiting for months and will not get". This baffled me. I’m sure people don’t wait for mouth kisses in Puttaparthi.

Then his mood totally changed and I did have some fear. He commanded me to remove my trousers, unzipped my fly and went with his right hand into my underpants. Sathya Sai Baba the ‘divine’ touched and massaged my genitals unasked. He expected some erection, but this didn’t happen for I didn’t feel any sexual excitement, no lust in the presence of a seventy years old man. I was really disgusted. Then he had the impudence to say "It is very weak, don’t waste energy". When I looked at him I realised the truth about him and was shocked indeed. Soon afterwards, without another word, he sent me out of the room."

Note: We see exactly how long it took this particular individual to come to his senses about what was really happening to him. The next, brief excerpt from Crisis Intervention Strageties: Sexual Assault graphically shows the damage that these experiences can create, especially in children:]

…While war may be hell, the sexual abuse of children undoubtedly occupies a deeper level of Dante’s Inferno …

[Note: And now, our concluding excerpts from Crisis Intervention Strategies, which by now should be quite easy to understand in context of this situation:]

Typically, abusers deny, minimize, and / or rationalize their behavior to the extent that they themselves rarely define their attacks as abuse. Instead, they usually charge that the survivor asked for, deserved, or caused the abusive activity.

In recent years the public has become more aware of the phenomenon of rape and other forms of sexual abuse, and increased awareness appears to have ushered in a greater sensitivity to and advocacy for the rights and needs of survivors. The helping professions have provided many additional programs for assisting survivors; crisis intervention, research, counseling, medical services, long-term mental health care, new laws and legal advocacy, more vigorous efforts to prosecute offenders, and more sympathetic and proactive news media. However, much remains to be done in the arena of sexual assault… There is a great need for society to overcome a number of long-standing myths about rape and other forms of sexual abuse. There is a need for better reporting and improved police and legal responding. There is a need for survivors to accept counseling and not to blame themselves. And, there is a need for survivor’s families, friends, and coworkers to be willing and able to respond to survivors with openness, genuineness, acceptance, understanding and respect, all of which are key attitudes or conditions for nurturing recovery from the debilitating trauma and effects of sexual assault.

In treating either children or adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, the potential for becoming emotionally involved because of one’s own shock and rage at the horrible physical and psychological trauma perpetrated on helpless children is exceedingly high. If you have been repulsed by what you have read in this chapter and some of the language in the dialogues, imagine what occurs for people who work daily with this problem.

[Note: At, Jens Sethi clearly shows that Sai Baba’s significant multimillion-dollar empire has also led him to buy off the police, possibly bringing those who oppose him or try to reveal his activities to death, torture or permanent incarceration.

"I had another appointment on 1st November with the police, which was the day I intended to go to Delhi, but without my passport it would not be possible. On 30th October, late in the evening, two people whom I know and an unknown person came to our unit and one of them warned me that my life was in danger and I should leave immediately.

My wife and I left very early next morning, for Delhi. At Dharmmavaram rail station the police were searching for us, but we entered the train at Anantapur. There is a police station near the platform which we had to pass to enter the train, and the very moment I saw that I told my wife to go into the train separately. My wife heard a group of policemen talking about searching for somebody and caught the words ‘passport, Delhi and telegram’. We were in serious danger but fortunately I was dressed like an Indian, and escaped identification.

So we escaped and reached Delhi, and went immediately to the German Embassy. I got a travel document after telling them of my experience, and the Embassy official said a protest note would be sent to the Indian Government. He told me such an act is illegal and they knew of similar cases."

We conclude with a final paragraph from Jens Sethi’s article, followed by a Sai Baba quote that may now be more interesting to read in context:

"Please study the statement Krishna, a friend of Sai Baba’s youth, made to Erlendur Haraldsson. Never was a devotee so close to Sai Baba for such a long time as Krishna. He spent twenty-four hours a day with Sai Baba for some time. This was almost sixty years ago. Eventually Krishna left Sai Baba and went to Hydrabad. In an interview with Haraldsson, Krishna said that even in those days Sai Baba was more like a politician or chieftain of a feudal system. Krishna also said "Whatever Baba may have, one thing he has not, and this is compassion".

I hope that this nightmare comes to an end and I hope that by the Grace of the Almighty, all people round the globe may know about the misdeeds of Sai Baba, a mighty demon who came in the guise of a spurious saint, only interested in self-glorification, name and fame.

He is a master - of deception.

Yours sincerely, Jens and Gurprit Sethi."

"Ignorance is on the rise with the progress of science. Truly speaking science has not matured. Man has become senseless. All the trials and tribulations faced in this world are due to the so-called development in science and technology. It is not technology but it is 'tricknology'. Do not become a slave to such technology. Uphold truth and righteousness. Cultivate love and experience divinity. Students, do not harbour any undesirable thoughts. Do not get perturbed by such misinformation campaigns. Swami is always with you. He has been showering His love and grace on you. You too have immense love for Swami. Attain Swami through love. You cannot attain Swami through any other path but love.

Swami has nothing to do with Internet. Not only now, even in future also You should not indulge in such wrong activities."

- Sathya Sai Baba, 15 October 1999, in response to allegations of fraud and sexual offenses.


Please visit Law of One / Ra Material Study Guide, Section 7 in order to educate yourself about negative entities, how they function, how they can take over a positively-oriented channel and where they originate from in our current planetary "game."

Excerpt of correspondence between Wilcock and the Rense website:

 “The letters I am receiving indicate some possibly very genuine paranormal abilities on Sai's behalf, but this information must not be ignored. Remember that the head of the Aum Shinrikyo cult that poisoned Japanese subways with lethal sarin gas was also believed to have godlike paranormal abilities as well.

If we are to unite as a community then we must be very well aware that God is One and the highest authority for Truth is Within. The age of the guru / cult leader is past - all spiritual figures must redirect seekers back to the path of self-initiation. And always remember the quote from the master Jesus that says, "Not my will o Father, but Thy will be done," and "Of myself I am nothing... the Father (or Christ Consciousness) in me doeth the works." 

Peace and Truth be with you

David Wilcock