It's time to quit chasing windmills


By: Glen Meloy

From: Sai Baba - Anti Christ? Quick Topic Discussion Board, message 1103:

Date: 07-29-2001 02:44 PM ET (US)

Dear Former Devotees, Devotees, Friends and Supporters of Truth and Goodness,

At this point in the expose', I feel these long winded wordy back and forth debates and arguments do not serve a useful purpose and are very non-productive.

It's time to quit chasing windmills.

Now is the time to focus on posing and answering only legitimate questions and inquiries.

Beyond that, we need to make sure that all the really helpful information about the expose' is referenced, posted and organized on the various websites in such a way that it can easily be retrieved for research, media, government and law enforcement purposes.

Sincere people on both sides of the fence should be able to intelligently communicate with each other, but there should be some ground rules to prevent the type of chaos we often see on the unmoderated sites.

One way to accomplish that is to make sure that as former devotees, we do not respond to specious remarks or bogus questions from pro-devotees who obviously have not taken the time to read the plethora of resignation letters, media stories and molestation testimonies.

If a pro-devotee is not willing to spend the time to read about and/or contact molestation victims, they obviously have a very closed mind and their questions most often do not reflect a genuine desire to learn the truth.

Quite simply, they are not ready..., and it is a waste of the most precious gift any of us will ever receive - our time on this earth -, to engage in these fruitless discussions.

Yes, we too once had closed minds. Many of us refused to read Tal Brooke's book and even after hearing about so called healing genital oilings, many of us still didn't wake up.

Part of the responsibility for our ignorance has to fall upon the so called leaders of the ssb organization who have failed all the members by conspiring to cover up these serious criminal allegations for over 40 years.

So, until the various governments take action to post travel warnings, it becomes our duty to warn the unsuspecting devotees. Do not be deceived into thinking that the vast majority of devotees know about these molestations. That is simply not true.

When members stop attending center functions, their friends often learn for the first time why they are no longer coming to the weekly meetings. But this happens on an individual basis and I have heard of no center where they are even allowed to discuss these matters.

Yes, there are those few brave souls who raise the issue, but they are quickly hushed up and not allowed to turn it into a center discussion.

Even when Goldstein holds a Regional meeting, the questions are written out on cards and then they are censored and not answered.

It's a major cover up and we now have written proof that Hislop, Goldstein, Beyer, Krystal and others inner sanctum members knew of these molestations in 1980, even before Conny Larsson broached the subject to Hislop in 1983.

Fortunately because of the very early persistence of Afshin Khorramshagol, David Bailey and all the molestation victims mentioned in "The Findings" the foundation was put in place to really focus the spotlight of truth on the duplicitous phony avatar.

Ours is a noble cause and if each of us follows our heart and speaks the truth, we will triumph over the forces of evil and darkness.

For Love, Truth and Goodness,

Glen Meloy