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Sathya Sai Baba is dead !

Caution for devotees !

Lunar calendar explanation is an attempt on deceiving devotees of Sai Baba !

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The purpose of this site is to inform the public about a number of disconcerting reports that must be painful to many of Sai Baba's devotees. For some time now a lot of information in English is to be found on the web referring to his sexual dealings with male devotees of ages ranging from seven to thirty.

Although some scattered articles and persistent rumours were reported as early as the sixties, The Findings, an authorised document compiled by David and Faye Bailey, ranks first here. From its appearance on the web it started off a spate of reactions; angry or bewildered ones from devotees, but exhilarated and congratulating calls and letters from former victims and their families, who now at last also dared to speak out. The Baileys were long-standing devotees; they tell us about sexual abuse, fraud, misuse of funds and an attempt to murder Sai Baba. As a result many prominent functionaries left the movement.

The Findings, as well as everything that came before and after, you will find here in the original English version. A few valuable Dutch contributions from former devotees will be translated into English.

We hope that even those who keep shaking their heads in disbelief will keep on reading with an open mind and become curious enough to start their own research. You will find a number of persons here willing to help and give additional information.

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When one door falls to in front of us, another opens, but often we keep staring so regretfully at the closed entrance that we don't notice the one standing wide open.





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