Sai Baba's miracles: an overview


Author: Dr. Dale Beyerstein

Web version by Ted Powell

This book has been originally published in paper form in 1994, with the title "Sai Baba's miracles: an overview" (B. Premanand Publisher, Podanur, India, 1994). Successively Ted Powell has edited its transposition on the internet, and below I report the link to the original site. At this point, since this website deals with critical views about Sai Baba, I considered interesting to enclose Dr. Beyerstein's work to this site, without altering the original text.

Paul Holbach

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  1. Editor's Introduction
  2. Sai Baba: Omniscient and Omnipotent?
  3. Did Sai Baba Resurrect Someone From The Dead?
  4. Does Sai Baba Have Complete Telepathic Knowledge?
  5. Materializations
  6. Sundry Miracles
  7. Healings and Rescues
  8. Does Sai Baba's Life Fulfil Ancient Prophesies?
  9. Bibliography

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