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From:  marswalker108
Date:  Mon Dec 23, 2002  8:51 pm
Subject:  Re: When Dharma and Virtue Decreases

To All Devotees,

Most of us know that about the Bhagavad Gita's quote wherein Krishna
says that when adharma and vice are in danger of overtaking dharma
and virtue, the avatar incarnates in human form. Sai Baba has
referred to this many times.

Many have shown on these boards and websites that evil is on the
increase in the world. For example in the last few days, I heard both
Peter Jennings and Tom Brokow, two famous news anchors in the USA,
report that 145 million people in America watch and play video games.
Only about 3% of parents know what is really shown on these videos.
These news anchors emphasised that the videos mostly show gross
violence and the sexual exploitation of women.

I have just read that the percentage of major crimes in England is
the highest it has ever been.

The treatment of women in India is a disgrace as has been shown on
these boards from time to time. We know that down the years, SSB has
said that India is the locomotive, he is the train driver, and the
carriages are all the other countries in the world.

There is no doubt that evil is on the increase in the world and
mankind does not have the spiritual maturity to handle the mind
boggling advances in technology now encountered.

Why has dharma and virtue decreased during SSB's reign?? Why does he
have a legacy of so many broken promises? It is certainly pass time to
wake up and realize that SSB is NOT who he claims to be. He is none
other than a fraud avatar who has deceived us all!!

Best wishes, Dennis

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