It's Time for Action


From       : India

Source     : 'delta_108' April 1999 (ex-ashram securtiy)


I know a great deal about what is happening in Puttaparthi. I personally know an ex-student who spent eleven months in Sai Baba's room a few years back. He was sent out of college by Sai Baba when into the first year of his master's degree, because he got too close and knew too much, and because then he didn't go along with what Sai Baba wanted.

He told me that the students in Sai Baba's inner chamber are in charge of all the preparatory activities before darshan and interviews, and have access to all his personal things.

They are asked to open all mail addressed to Sai Baba and most times he allows them to keep the money that is sometimes enclosed, if it is less than Rs5000. It is such common practice.

These students hardly go to classes, and the great Chancellor doesn't mind at all! Even staff of the college and other officials of the ashram are very deferential to them. They play western music on their stereo systems, that they are allowed to have. Usually there are three or four students living with him at any given time.

The officials of the Trust know something of this nature is going on. They are making hay while the sun shines, and most of them have eaten enough money after coming, to know Sai Baba is hardly divine. The way these close people talk about him is enough to figure out that they are in no way worried about his 'divinity', and have scant regard or respect for him, which would not be the case if they had knowledge of any divine power.