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Subject: vibhuti materializations ?


I thought I'd let you know, in Feb this year I spent 12 days at the  Puttaparthi Ashram, and watched SB closely as  I could during darshan,  he produced vibhuti on average 3 or 4 times a darshan, sometimes following open hand 'upliftment ' gestures, he takes so many letters  with his hands also, I don't I think it is possible to hide vibhuti pellets between his fingers, in fact certain, only possible to be a  fraud if he has co-conspirators in the darshan crowd, then it would be very difficult to maneuver the pellets around with no one seeing.

One  day I was sitting on front row and he stopped right in front of me, and took letters from people behind, then he started circling his hand, it was open and flat,palm down, I was sitting underneath and looked to see what I could see, from a distance of about 1 foot, couldn't be positioned better to see and it was an empty hand, and suddenly he had vibhuti between his fingers and thumb !

I'm totally convinced this is not a fraud.

cheers Colin.

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Dear Colin,


Thank you for your openness and sincerity. As you will be able to see, all of us involved in exposing the situation are coming from the ranks of years of devotion and total belief in the divinity of Sathya Sai Baba. Some were close to him, were officers in his organization, taught in his schools, traveled giving conferences and speaking of his wonders, wrote books, and dedicated years of service and worship to the one they thought to be a divine incarnation, the Avatar of our era who literally was here to save the world.


If you read the postings in and, plus the now voluminous writings of Robert Priddy and Brian Steel in their respective websites that can be reached through and, you will be able to appreciate that this is not just an attack on Sai Baba, but a very serious and well founded exposure of disenchantment. Hearing from children, young men and adolescents and their parents who went through an unimaginable traumatic experience that has taken them years to overcome, even through professional assistance, is another factor that has prompted this endeavor.


All I can personally say to you, and to anyone who is falling into the same trap others have, is to really do a proper search, not only through the documents that are posted but deeply inside analyzing through prayer and contemplation if the God, the One, the Absolute whose abode we can feel internally as well as externally would manifest Himself in the manner that Sathya Sai Baba does, as mysterious as His ways may be. You will not be profaning Him in any way if you choose the image of SB to adore Him, it matters not what object you use if your love and devotion are real. The danger comes in another manner and that is when you realize the falsity in what you have been basing your life upon, which could lead to, as it has in many cases, a total disenchantment with the all permeating living God which could very well impede your spiritual development and advancement in this lifetime.