Email from Åsa Samsioe to Mr. Quantum


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From: Åsa Samsioe


Sent: Sunday, February 23, 2003 5:34 PM

Subject: mail to mr Quantum

Mr Quantum or whatever your name is...

It took me some time to make up my mind if I would dare to write a letter to a person who has expressed himself in “Mature Thought in Enlightenment” and who has had conversation with “The Supreme” and belongs to the “Inner Temple of the Presence”!

But at the same time I couldn´t help wondering why such a sublime and elevated Being would take the inconvenience to bother himself and waste his precious time writing to exbaba.
But after reading your mails not once but even twice (excuse me but I am just an ordinary unintelligent mortal and find your mails a little confusing) I understood at last that you want to give your advices as a precious gift to us, poor creatures, who are wasting our lives in trivial pursuits and have misunderstood everything.

I hope that you from your lofty position will excuse my stupidity, but I thought in my ignorance, that it is up to each person to choose his/her own spiritual path and Sadhana.
I also thought that it is no time waste at all to warn boys and young men from a paedophile/pederast avatar, who at worst can cause them to take their own lives in desperation.
Perhaps you are yourself too egocentric in your self- sufficiency, to realize that it is not such a bad thing to serve these innocent presumptive victims of  SB with information and hence rescue them from his clutches.

You wrote “Life is too precious to be trivialized and wasted by such ideas as scandal, or making books, or spreading a big “hubbub” here and there.”
I think life is too precious for everyone to waste on a “Master” who is not a Master.

From Åsa Samsioe

P.S. Excuse my curiosity, but I always thought that a hallmark of an enlightened person was humility?