Letter from http://www.exbaba.it to Ergife Palace Hotel


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Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2004 10:18 AM

Subject: Sai Baba meeting in Ergife Palace Hotel


Dear friends,


Thanks to the editors of the website http://www.exbaba.com, I have got to know about the imminent international meeting about Sai Baba, that is being organized for next 18th April at Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome.


The meeting should deal with Sai Babaís "social work" and the "universal spiritual message" and it should see the participation of Dr. Michael Goldstein and Prof. Antonio Rigopoulos, as speakers.


A delegation of members of Sathya Sai European Organization, made up of more than 1000 delegates, coming from over than 20 European countries, should define and organize the social/educational/spiritual activities.

In the light of all this, I sent the following e-mail message to the Director of Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome:

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To: Ufficio.commerciale@ergifepalacehotel.com

Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 17:55:51 +0100


Dear Director of Ergife Palace Hotel,

It is with utter sorrow that I learn from the friends editors of the international website http://www.exbaba.com that, in your hotel has been organized for next 18th April an international meeting about "Sai Babaís social work and the universal spiritual message".


Iím sure that the lack of knowledge about some criminal behavior held by this character have certainly played an important role in your decision.


For this reason, I dare send you this message, in order to inform you about many facts you certainly are not informed about (false materializations, pedophilia, sexual abuses to young male devotees, etc.)


To this end, I will use a document recently written by Barry Pittard, from Australia, 62 years old, retired college teacher, who has been deeply involved with Sathya Sai Organisation for 25 years. For two years, he has been an English lecturer at Sathya Sai College in Whitefield, Karnataka. Today Barry Pittard, as many other ex devotees all over the world, is an active member in exposure activities against Sai Baba.


You will find this document by clicking on the link below:



I hope you will have the patience to read it entirely, maybe even having a look on the several links scattered inside it. Only this way you will be able to decide consciously if a meeting about this controversial character is really a convenient commercial business for you.


I thank you for the attention you paid me and I wait to hear from you.

Best regards


Massimo Isolica


While waiting for an answer, I invite all of you to perform a civil form of protest, in order to show all our opposition to this meeting.

So, all of you are invited to contact as soon as possibile Ergife Palace Hotel, using the following:

Phone: 06/6644
Fax: 06/6632689
: ERGIFE PALACE HOTEL - Via Aurelia, 617/619 - 00165 ROMA - ITALY

Best wishes to all

Massimo Isolica



Letter from Elena Hartgering to Ergife Palace Hotel


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From: Elena Hartgering

To: www.exbaba.it

Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2004 1:29 PM

Subject: Re: Sai Baba meeting in Ergife Palace Hotel


Dear Friends,


I am a 63 year old woman, wife, mother, grandmother, licensed professional counselor and national certified counselor. I am also an ordained minister and hospital chaplain.


For 20 years I was a follower of the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba. When  I discovered he was victimizing boys and young men through sexual molestation all the while pretending to be God incarnate, I left the organization. Since, I have also discovered, many crimes, including murder to which Sai Baba is a key player.


My parents were born in Italy and came to the US in the 1920's. You might be interested to know that my father's name was Giovanni Albani - the same as Pope Clement IX who was Giovanni Francesco Albani. I visted the eternal city this past Sept. and carry a special place in my heart for all of its history, art, architecture and beauty. Please do not sully your city by hosting the followers of a pedophile who disguises himself as God. Thank you.


Elena (Albani) Hartgering, USAlf