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Topic: Australian Travel Advisory for India

Posted: Barry Pittard, Australia, March 11, 2003


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Question: Apart from any other reasons, why go to Puttaparthi when - with the huge number of foreigners (many from USA, the UK, Israel, Australia and other countries so closely linked with the USA) - Puttaparthi is a stark invitation to terrorist interests on the lookout for targets far bigger than Bali?! Note well the Australian Travel Advisory where it says: "at religious sites, festivals and events frequented by westerners."

Although this Travel Advisory especially singles out northernmost areas of India, it does not emphasise a fact that becomes increasingly and alarmingly evident: many leading commentators point to Islamic (but also other) terrorist cells, training, funding, and operations occurring in South India, not least in Andhra Pradesh, where Puttaparthi is located.

Scholars, researchers etc., who are interested in studying these potentialities can contact me,

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Travel Advisory, issued by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia


This Advice is current for Tuesday 11 March 2003 EDT

The Advice was issued on Friday 20 December 2002 17:08:55 EDT

This advice has been reviewed. It contains new information or advice but the overall warning level has not changed.

Australians should take account of the continuing tensions between India and Pakistan and the potential for terrorist activity by militant groups, including through attacks against national institutions within major cities and at religious sites, festivals and events frequented by westerners. Some progress has been made in reducing tensions between India and Pakistan but the situation remains unpredictable and could deteriorate at short notice. The risk of politically-motivated violence remains high. Australians should exercise caution, particularly in commercial and public areas known to be frequented by foreigners and maintain a high level of personal security awareness.

Australians in India should register with the Australian High Commission in New Delhi. Australians should not travel to the border areas between India and Pakistan and should avoid all travel to Jammu and Kashmir. Travellers should avoid large public gatherings or demonstrations, especially during festivals.


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