Correspondence: New Australian Travel Advisory. India


Topic: Correspondence: New Australian Travel Advisory. India

Author: Barry Pittard


Posted:, Wednesday, 26, 2003


The Chris referred to is Chris Parnell. He is the Webmaster for the official website of the Sathya Sai Organisation of Australia and Papua New Guinea.  He was, among other roles in the SS Org., National Deputy Spiritual Convenor. 

He and I have both been known to work our heads off in volunteer service activities at Sai Towers, in the publications section.  (Nobody wanted us as waiters down in the restaurant).


Dear Chris, 

I'm glad to see that you've put up the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade  Travel Advisory update of last Friday 21, 2003, at

I note that the other part of my suggestion was not implemented, perhaps not unreasonably. Namely, to find some way to index it on the Home Page. However, I suppose that a note of relevancy is struck by virtue of its being part of News and Links. In any case, yours is a very small website to navigate round, and I guess that your computer newbie folk soon get to know how to find Groups.

At, I made public a little lightspirited challenge to you:

Tuesday, March 25

Witnessing document for New Australian Travel Advisory

As I wished, you have done the deed; therefore, credit where credit is due, and I shall be glad to acknowledge it in a post to that section.

I am speaking to a number of prominent experts on terrorism. Some were clearly not up to speed on Andhra Pradesh, and tended, based on what they did know, to be dismissive. However, this is decidedly not the case with others. As proper and careful research and responsible interpretation are crucial, which takes painstaking time and effort, I may release some very tentative points on News. One thing is certain - I'm going it alone in this. My view is that fore-warned is fore-armed.  Not everyone agrees that discussing these sensitive matters is important. However, I do think it important, and that's all that matters, since each of us is answerable to his or her own conscience. It may be that, in generating awareness of these terrible issues, lives can be saved. I trust that plurality of viewpoints will be regarded as a value, whether by devotees or former devotees.

Love Across the Great Divide,