Sai Baba Allegations

By Barry Pittard


I am a former English Lecturer in Sathya Sai Baba's vast educational establishment, where I taught at his Whitefield College in 1978-79, via Bangalore, in south India.

The Cover Story in "India Today" (24-11-200) has brought news of the most terrible allegations. So too have other newspaper stories such as the Melbourne "Age" (Australia) and the "Daily Telegraph" (U.K.) in recent weeks. They have brought still more fame to Sai Baba. Perhaps it is only a vast international effort that will ensure that the allegations are properly investigated. Last September 15, there were also the joint Media Releases of UNESCO and Flinders University (Australia) stating their very serious reason for withdrawal from and educational Conference at Puttaparthi last September.

Because there is now so-much controversy raging, where affidavits that allege serious crimes are being presented in different parts of the world, I would wish to see a fair and open hearing given to the many who allege (or, if they are minors, whose parents and guardians allege) being victim of serious crimes.

As the problem is on such a large scale, and of such international proportions, I trust that many - both within and outside Sathya Sai Baba's organization (and both in and beyond India) - will bring any influence they can exert to advise openness rather than silence, truthful and fearless enquiry rather than any psychological or other form of denial. If this guru is free of all misdoing, then truth will out, and justice will not only be done but be seen to be done.

Motivated only by a desire to see fair play on all sides, I have contacted many, and in many countries, who are making such allegations. I am entirely convinced that so many of these people are in good standing in regard to the highest criteria for integrity and esteem in their wider communities. Their testimonies are with Interpol, FBI, the Australian Federal Police, and a number of government agencies round the world. They risk much if their stories are other than true.

As so many of these persons seem to me to have such abundant love of Indian culture and spirituality, I trust that people of Indian heritage will see any love for Her that these (both Indian and foreign) hold dear. One concern is that bringing out the truth may be difficult. For countless of Sai Baba's devotees are at the very highest echelon in politics, police, armed services, judiciary, and so on. They now have an historic opportunity to show impartiality of a high order.

Barry Pittard

Editor, You are welcome to publish my email address.

CHAKRA 26-December-2000