What to believe???


Glen Meloy, August 2, 2001

Dear Former Devotees, Devotees, Friends and Supporters of Truth and Goodness,

As I reflect back on my own need to have God as my personal Guru, and when I mistakingly thought he had taken human form in Puttaparthi, India, it was compelling for me to devote every thought, word and deed to him.

I wanted him to lead, guide and protect me and I wanted to be totally controlled, loved and possessed by the one I believed to be the Lord of Lords, the God of Gods and the Creator of all Creation.

Indeed I was possessed and fanatically obsessed with what I mistakingly believed to be the highest form of Love and Light energy, never dreaming for one moment that he could be a negative force that was sucking all of our energies for his own mental and physical gratification.

After awakening from that trance-like state after 26 years and after taking back the power I willingly gave to him, I now find myself resonating with the words spoken long ago by one of the several incarnations who the fraud god in Puttaparthi claims to encompass.

Do Not believe anything, because it is said by an authority, or if it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source.

Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true.

Work out your own path through diligence.

by Gautama Buddha

Now, I claim no allegiance to any denomination, but the above thought does express what I believe to be the highest truth for me. And I do believe there is a Divine Light of Truth within each and every one of us that is waiting to be discovered and realized.......and that there is no need for any permanent intermediaries (Gurus, Priests, Ministers, etc.) between that Divine Light of the Real God within all of us.

How many of us really explored in our own hearts, mind and body the truth of what we were being told by Murphet, Sandweiss and others????

Sad to say, many of us swallowed the bait and then were hooked for a long time as our life's energies were drained and misused by mind controlling techniques, books, lectures, audio and video tapes, devotional trance inducing music and the ever present lure of that private interview with god behind the curtain of shame.

May the highest order of Divine truth bless all those who are still trapped and possessed, and may the Divine Light free them to see and understand the evil that is masquerading as goodness.

For Truth, Love, Light and Goodness,

Glen Meloy