Letter from Dave Brandt


From: "Dave Brandt"

Howdy Glen, this is the letter, in proper letter form, that I sent to:

Goldstein, Evans, and Shah. I was trying to think of a different way to get to them. Probably will not work, but their own God within them has warned them, they are more responsible than ever. Dave.

Dear Sir:

I do not know if you are aware of the volumes of research that have been done about many people that have clinically died and have gone through death experiences. The common theme is going through a tunnel into the Light, meeting some Divine representative or a loved one who passed on, and then the "LIFE REVIEW". One in the life review must face all the important things they did in their just passed life. Important not in position, power, ego, or material wealth; but important to their karmic relationship with others and the meeting or failure of soulic goals and responsibilities they came here to fulfill.

It would appear from those who have gone through this earthshaking experience that it is a self judgement that haunts them for the rest of their life when they come back to their body. It is seeing how you treated others and how you handled responsibilities, not from your point of view but from the one you hurt or helped. In one case, for instance, a military sniper saw how he damned his victim to endless after death torture of not knowing what had happened to him and pining for family and friends. He saw how he affected the man’s family that he had killed and how they had to face starvation and poverty due to the loss of the man. He felt within him, if it was his own, the agony of loss from the wife and children. He saw how he interrupted the family tree and interfered with planned future children that now would not be born.

In every case after the life review the witness is horrified to realize how much damage they have done, or encouraged and amazed at the difference they made in peoples lives. They would do anything to change things that they wished now they had not done, but in most cases it is too late. It would appear that the worst judgement upon one is becoming enemies of mankind by deliberately or consciously harming others either directly or through compliance and cooperation. It is a burden that is so gauling that it is almost impossible to bear.

I would beg you to think of yourself going through the Life Review and consider your soul and where you stand. No matter what your excuse, you will have to face the torture that you have caused little children because of your actions as officers of the Sai Baba Organization. I was a devout member of Sai for 28 years with many inner and outer experiences. But when I found out the truth of what was going on behind the scenes, I then thought of the Life Review before God and knew I could never face being part of hurting and killing little innocent children. When I stood before God at death there would be no excuse, I would be guilty of crimes against humanity I could not bear.

You have time before you die to start to pay back what you have caused in pain and suffering in humanity, if you start right now. You know what you must do in the depths of your soul and conscience. We are responsible for our actions. We are responsible for what we do that affects others. We are especially responsible for what we do in important and responsible positions of power and authority over others.

Not in anger or hate, but in love for your soul that comes from God, I ask you to think twice. Also consider this my resignation letter from Sai Baba and his fallen plan. I am always open to communication.

In Gods mercy Divine,

Dave Brandt