Posted: Saturday, June 28, 2003

Author: Barry Pittard

Reference: Email Newsletter from Saidevotees_worldnet Friday, June 27, 2003 2:55 PM

Here follows but a small few excerpts from a typically almost endless, effusive email from SSB devotees such as T. N. Girdhar, K. V. Naresh, Ramesh K. Sistla, A. Venkatesh, et alia ... reporting in the fashion ... he got off the golf cart/car, he got on it, he got off it, he got on it ... ad nauseum ... ad deus ex machinum ...

Maybe Buggers is getting into the mood for playing golf with George W. Bush. We might even get a golf war out of it. He cannot of course go jogging with the same, because of those magnetic feet which he tells us are pulling him down constantly.

Now that he has taken to riding around in a golf buggy, he well earns his title: Buggyvan ...

The children's restless anticipation could be heard from backstage.
Hopefully, for the dear sake of the boys among them, he soon takes up golf ... and finds another type of handicap ...
Swami came in around 7:30, directly from Sai Ramesh Hall. He was driven in through the men's side in a golf cart, and the youth group welcomed Him with two songs, Brother Jaga's I will love you and Sai Hamara.
This Jaga refers of course to Jegatheesan, the leader of the SS Org., in Malaysia, who flounces around with upraised hand blessing people as though he has become one with SSB.  It is the same Jaga or Jega (the spelling varies, but not the adverse reports concerning him) who I challenge to answer whether various (some now former) SSB devotee parents have tried to put to him, but been curtly disregarded by him, details of their sons' sexual molestations at the hands of SSB, as have many parents done, again in vain, with other high ranking SSB leaders in different countries of the world.  
Swami descended from the cart and walked over to the women's side slowly. He had to be supported by two men and he walked very slowly.
'Slowly' ... My God, not the magnetism coming back again?!  (Or could it be rheumatism?)
After taking his flower, Swami blessed the boy's pendant which he was wearing. The boy saw a bright white light flash into his pendant.
My elders always advised me to beware of flashers... !!! 
If you ask anyone if it is normal for a person who had a recent hip surgery to sit continuously for 1 hour, the reply you will get is that it is impossible. 
Our Buggervan Bugger has had a lot of practice at sitting. He has been sitting around all his life, letting others do the legwork and taking all the credit for the efforts - both creative and menial - of countless others from all round the world. Having lectured at his Whitefield college for two years, and having lived around him for a number of years, I can tell you that his so-called education system, for one thing, is not the novel entity that devotees in India and around the world mindlessly crack it up to be. It is ultra conservative, resembling nothing to the great educational visionaries of various cultures. So much of the so-called learning is rote learning, and heavily reliant on talk-and-chalk methods of transmission.
Our Swami arrived at the Sai Ramesh Hall this morning exactly at 7.25 am in a little white open car from His residence in Trayee Brindavan.
Heaven be praised - strangely out of all his flashy limousines and into a humble 'little white open car.' Dear Mahatma Gandhi! Dear Saint Francis! Et alia. You may not yet lived in vain... Perhaps the Sai Avatar (Sanskrit for embodiment of flashy cars?) is beginning to become a little more humble.
Swami got off from His car and started walking in the Sai Ramesh Hall
Whatever happened to those magnetic feet - of which, recently, he has so graphically told us?
- initially on the ladies side and then on the center aisle.
Ladies - great Heavens forbid. Ladies! Not those! He actually went to the ladies side...?
He Himself threw some apples from the balcony to some boys.
He himself is the grub in the apples that go to 'some boys.'
'Students! If I have come out of a critically dangerous condition, it is for your sake. Do not have any kind of worry. I will come down soon and bestow upon you, joy and bliss.'
The fact that so many are so chronically dependent on the Bugger One convinces us of a cosmic reality: that the bliss of which he and they speak cannot be the bliss of the Atma (essential Self beyond the reach of the mind and its instruments, the five senses), which has no dependency states.
He thrust His hand through the grillwork of the window and waved at them. It was indeed a very memorable day for one and all.
Made memorable indeed by the fact that his magnetic hand, of which he has also told the world, did not somehow get magnetised to the grillwork of the window ...
'This eye has not seen the world for last 9 years' (Swami indicated His left eye).
So watch out - he's not only got his eye on you, but two eyes! He might even begin to see the bigwig Sai devotee hounds of litigation loosing themselves upon former devotees: eminent supposedly Sai leaders, such as Sri T. Ramanathan (head of SS Org., Australia), Thorbjorn Meyer (Central Co-ordinator for Europe and Co-Co-ordinator for Russia), and Jorgen Trygved, (Denmark). So often he has heavily frowned those eyes, or that nine-year eye, on litigation.

Surrender is one of the Major virtues...

 On his attempt to enter the Disneyland, Buggers surrenders to the FBI.