Congratulation For Courage by Jens



Dear Shirley Pike,

Thank you so much for the letter which Glen has forwarded to me and other former devotees.

I am Jens Sethi (Germany) one of the persons mentioned in the "The Findings" and feel so much relief that one of the representatives of the SSB-Organization a regional president like you had the strength and courage to accept the facts after a thorough investigation.

This is highly appreciated and it shows that you Shirley devoted to Swami for such a long time has a lot of integrity, strength and courage to face the TRUTH with all the bitter consequences of mental agony. I myself suffered a lot and still suffer but I know that all this did not happen in vain. It makes me very happy that there is still compassionate awareness in the heart of some good devotees like you who were willing to listen to the unheard screams of the "victims".

I am very thankful too that you feel the moral and legal obligation to warn all the members and officers in the region and the national leaders about the potential risk of sexual molestation for male between 8 and 30 years. It is no easy task to inform the devotees about all this but hereby you do immense good service for the humanity. I am sure that you can help many innocent, kind-hearted devotees who are willing to listen once they have heard about the allegations.

Dear Shirley I also assure that my story in the "The Findings" is absolutely true and I also try to get one affidavit (by my attorney) within the next four weeks. There are some minor mistakes but they do not alter the contents. Once it must be corrected which did not happened as "The Findings" had to be released very quickly and there was no time to do so. In the "The Findings" where my case is mentioned there are also some minor mistakes. Please note: First my name is Jens Sethi not Sethu.

Somewhere in the text the following part is mentioned:

I had another appointment on 1st November.......On 30th October, late in the........

it must be

I had another appointment on 1st December......On 30th November, late in the.......

Now I wish you and your family all the best and the blessings of the Almighty GOD and may we pray and hope that this nightmare comes to an end very soon. My prayers are with you! Om Shanti!

Kind Regards,

Jens Sethi