Religious sects in Italy:

a serious damage for individual people and society.



Date: 12-30-02

Letter written by Maria X

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Document date: December 11th 2002

Date: December 26th 2002

Dear Sir,

I am writing you to set forth a serious problem that has deeply affected my family, but that is much more common than it seems.

I'm talking about the many "spiritual healers" who have crowded our society in the attempt (very successful) to subjugate Italian citizens, destroying their identities and families.

Most of these "mediums" come from Eastern Europe and they earn very great sums of money without paying any taxes, giving their services as "psycho-physic-moral and spiritual healers" to the undoubting people, who are caught in moments of troubles and psychological stress.

My husband fell in this trap, because of a nervous breakdown and the many surgical operations he had to undergo.

Unfortunately, he met some Reiki masters and some Russian spiritual healers who convinced him he is god and so he can cure himself, by means of mantra, ayurveda, vegetarianism (because animals are human beings fallen in disgrace) and surrendering to Sai Baba the god (according to them, in India there's a very concentrate cosmic energy and Baba can change people's destiny, and raise the dead, and so on).

I don't want to talk about my own family situation, but I think that these people are destroying any balance in our society and they are separating their followers from their families and their national identity, which is built up on rationality and our Catholic education.

This phenomenon is spreading really fast and taking refuge in this world made of illusions and magic is useless and does not lead anywhere, it is only causing serious damages to people, since these "psychologists" use hypnotic techniques, boasting scientific degrees they have never obtained (as I have ascertained by phoning the Order of Psychologists in Rome).

Many families do not denounce these crimes because there are no laws against charlatans and moral subjugation, because they are afraid they can lose their relatives and because they cannot afford to pay as good and expensive lawyers  as these organisations'.

Moreover the result of a judicial confrontation is not always fair, it is enough to see how the Church of Scientology has always been defended by Mr. Biondi.

As far as I am concerned, I'm proud I am Italian and I am proud of my Catholic education and rationality, and I think it is necessary to expose all these frauds who are becoming rich, shattering our national identity trying to substitute it with a crowd of Hindu gods and traditions, at the expense of the Western world, whose material welfare they do not despise.

I trust your high professionalism, and I beg you to intervene, as long as you can, to solve this serious problem that will not fail to spread and to damage many citizens, who vote and pay taxes, in our country.

Thanking you in advance.

Maria X