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Date: 02-28-02

By: Dave Lyons

Posted by: dark_knight_9 (Sanjay)

From: Sathya Sai Baba Expose Forum


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Message from Dave Lyons Sorry, I'm not available dark_knight_9
2/28/02 8:32 am
Dear Friends:

There shall never be a time that will alter my love, devotion, and affection for you--no matter which side of this controversy you are on, whether you are devotee or former devotee. Most of us came together with a common belief that Sai was the poorna avatar. But all that we did together, spoke together, sang together was Sanathana Dharma--the message was and IS divine. The only thing that has changed is the belief ABOUT the messenger. Some of us have defected from Sai and the organization, but I, personally, will never defect from you. All of you are the best people I know.

Dr. Timothy Conway, who after investigating several cases of sexual molestation by Sai Baba, resigned his leadership of the Santa Barbara centre, has has written volumes which have been posted on various web sites. Many of you know that I teach a course on Comparative Religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, & Islam) and that Timothy has been the source of inspiration and edification that I am now emulating. Neither he, nor I, nor anyone else I know of has EVER purported that what Sai is doing can remotely be attributed to kundalini raising. That is so far-fetched from Sanathana Dharma that it falls into the category of a joke.

And do you think that the sexual abuse re the pedophilic priests of the Roman Catholic Church is coincidental to what is being reported about Sai throughout planet Earth? I would call it synchronicitous. It comes at a time when many people in authority that we look up to can have a dark side, whether they be spiritual, religious, political or otherwise. Much damage has been done by these people, and it is up to all of us to see that no more crimes are committed. No matter what side you are on in this controversy, YOUR dharma is on the line and is inescapable. The ball is in your court to determine what is true and what is false. And despite what spin doctors like Bongiovanni spit out, you must determine for yourself, without prejudice, what is really happening here and now.

Regarless of how it all turns out, you will remain my friends and cohorts in bettering this beautiful Earth.

Dave Lyons

[MODERATOR NOTE: Dave Lyons was the President of the New Orleans Sai Center until his resignation in April 2000 after reading The Findings.]
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