Dear Baba...




Date: 11-14-02

Document date: 13 November 2002

Written by Maria

In our guestbook we found a message we liked so much, it was not addressed to us, but to Baba, we want everyone to read it. Here it follows...

The editors of

Dear Baba,

We are not going to catch expensive flights to come to you in order to benefit of a powerful energy that will change our fate, we will never reach the "chackra of the earth" (that is India) to present you with our dirty western money, that so much disgusts you, we will not buy  other books written by your followers, because our shelves are full of them, we will not make any donation for your hospital ("the best in the world"), because we believe that, if there is a God, it can be found inside ourselves and certainly also in the West, if there is no God, we will go around the world with our humanity, maybe sometimes a little sad, but always with the courage to face reality as well as we can, and with the happiness to keep our family ties, our friends, our western culture that has nothing to envy to your country, where violence and horrors are continually practised, without any guilty. We must know that many "atheist" like us really live their lives according to Christ's message and helping poor people and poor countries all over the world.

To be true, we are fed up of seeing your ugly face on countless books, and we are looking for the moment when all the bad things you have been accused about will be seriously investigated. It is useless to say that, but I like the Pope much more than you, he goes around the world in spite of his illness and without any pretence, apologizing for other people's pedophilia, an act of humility and peace you have never done, you will never do.

Maria - Italy