Letter from Duncan M. Roads


Dear List,

Since my email has been forwarded to so many others, maybe I should clarify my position.

1)  I have been involved in promoting 'new age' and 'alternative' viewpoints since my teens, during the '70s.  I have run and organised many conferences, lecture tours, expos etc all promoting self awareness, natural health and caring from nature.

2)  I was made aware of Sai Baba in the late seventies.  I know many people who have experienced miracles in their personal lives that they attribute to Sai Baba.

3)  I also know many Muslims, Christians and Hindus who have experienced similar miracles in their lives, which THEY attribute to their respective figureheads.

4)  Whilst a believer in Sai Baba's miracles and teachings, I chose NOT to become a follower.  I perceived that the miracles were as much a creation of the believer as of the teacher.  I chose to explore the path of 'creating our own reality'.

5)  I had heard the many rumours about Sai Baba's sexual impropriety over the years, and like many, dismissed them as disgruntled devotees.  Later on, I actually took those attacks as 'evidence' that Sai Baba was growing in influence, and that this was the 'system' attacking him.

6)  Unlike Sai Baba believers, I have an open mind, one which allows me to read and listen to things that Sai Baba believers refuse even to allow into their consciousness.  I read some of the more recent testimonies, and decided to investigate for once and for all to put an end to the rumours.

7)  I ended up speaking to many victims, parents of victims, former Sai Baba centre 'leaders' and some respected 'figureheads' from the movement.  All confirmed the same pattern of abuse and sexual misconduct.

8)  I did not want to believe any of these testimonies, but I also had to be true to what I was uncovering.  Sai Baba is, and has, been involved in sexual misconduct with boys and young men.  The effects of this misconduct has caused unestimatable damage within many many families, including suicides.

I only investigated the allegations of sexual misconduct.  I notice there are also many who claim the miracles are faked, there are many allegations of financial fraud, and there are many dead people who were supposedly 'healed' by Sai Baba or his vibuti.

In retrospect it would be easy to point the finger and say how evil and deceptive Sai Baba truly is.  But in fairness, he would be a nobody if people did not give him their respect, money, and above all - personal power.

I look forward to an age where people respect and love themselves enough to be able to truly respect and love others.  People who feel GENUINE love, joy and happiness in their lives do NOT follow the path of others-they ARE their own path in its making.  

Shame on Sai Baba!  Shame on the parasites that feed off his empire!  Shame on the 'Centre Leaders' who knowingly turn a blind eye to the reports they have received of sexual impropriety!  Shame on the followers who are so insecure in themselves that they cannot open their ears to hear the cries their brothers and sisters!  Shame on the sycophants who in their blind belief help perpetuate the suffering, injustice and deception that surrounds Sai Baba.

Above all, shame on those who dismiss the cries of pain from their brothers without investigation!


Duncan M. Roads

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