Letter from Ella Evers


[9 copies of this letter were sent to 9 high-ranking officers in the Sai Org. These individuals are:

1. Phyllis Krystal

2. Sam Sandweiss,M.D.

3. Hal Honig

4. Berniece Mead, Education Coordinator

5. John C. Evans, M.D. President of the Sai Baba Central Council of the United States

6. Vijay Amin, Regional President Northeastern Region #1

7. Gayle Alden, D.D.S., Regional President Pacific Region North #6

8. Robert A. Bozzani, Reginal President Pacific Region South #8

9. Jonathan Roof, Regional President Southwestern Region #9

Only one person has responded, John C. Evans, and his "response" is listed alongside the link to this letter]



August 1, 2000

Dear Dr. Goldstein,

For nearly fifteen years my husband and I have had the opportunity to have the Sai Center of Eugene in our house. The experience has been a positive one for us as well as for many devotees that attended our bhajan sessions and study groups about the higher teachings of truth. We fully believed in Sai Baba as the Avatar of this Kali Yuga Age, a manifestation of divine love, whose light and pureness was an inspiration for all of us to follow. SATHYA, DHARMA, SHANTI, PREMA, and AHIMSA, the five elements of Sai Baba's teachings TRUTH,RIGHTEOUS LIVING,PEACE,UNCONDTIONAL LOVE, and HARMLESSNESS is what we strived to implement in our lives.

You can imagine how shocked we all were when we received a letter in the mail with a full description of Sai Baba's own behavior and actions towards an innocent young man, in two private interviews that took place on September 20th and 23rd of 1999. Enclosed you will find a copy of this letter mailed to us by the parents of this young man with handwritten testimony of their son. These devotees had visited our center. We had the impression that they were honest, decent and loving people.

We were also directed to read the allegations against Sai Baba made available on the internet. How horrifying it was to read all the material about still more sexual improprieties, sleight of hand trickery, and monetary fraud...It was almost too much to take in all at once. We had several talks about the information with some of the devotees and friends of the Eugene Sai Center. We were aware that the present officers in the Center had a separate meeting, from which we understand they concluded that the allegations were true and that they had asked for explanations from you in a letter. Your reply to them was that Swami had personally told you in response to all of this: "Swami is purity itself". Despite Swami's statement, all of the undersigned came to a mutual conclusion that a worldwide investigation must be put in place immediately to prove or disprove the so overwhelming worldwide evidence placed before us. We suggest in the meantime that all the Centers should inform their devotees and or attendees of these recent allegations of serious criminal conduct. For the time being the Centers should be closed to the public till such time that the investigation can come forward with substantiated proof that all of the alleged allegations are false.

If Sai Baba is the Avatar, he will definitely welcome such a thorough investigation to clear him and his Organization of these allegations.
Sai Baba and his Organization's lack of candor in responding adequately to this situation could be interpreted as complicity.

God is never disturbed by positive and negative, for in God there is only SAT CHIT ANANDA, the fullness of joy of light, always shining and always inspiring us to do good.

Our letter is a call for JUSTICE, a call in response to the cry of young children who can not speak for themselves.

Please reply to us at the first address on the list of signatures within a three weeks period from above date, after which we feel compelled to do our own work of investigation and research befitting these horrific circumstances.

We all sign in the Love and Light of the One True God, who is now calling upon us to act.

(Sent with 75 signatures and returned unopened.)

Thank you for your prompt attention and reply in this matter.