Fax to John Evans by Glen Meloy on

August 26st 2000


John C. Evans, M.D., President
Sathya Sai Baba Central Council of
the United States of America

3324 N. Captain Colson Lane
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Dear John,

I don't know you on a personal basis, but I have heard you speak at regional meetings when I was a devotee.

I do know Bob Bozzani and have had the displeasure of having several earlier conversations with Dr. Goldstein.

This is about your response to the letter that Ella Evers wrote to Dr. Goldstein.

I will warn you ahead of time that my remarks may appear angry , but they reflect the same intensity of devotion that I once held uninterruptedly toward sathya sai baba for 26 years. And Bozzani knows that for a fact and so do countless of others in the organization.

Before I get into the feelings that I expressed earlier about you, I want you to know that the reason I finally left the organization was when I received a very graphically detailed letter from a very distraught Mother, whose son was raped and molested by this phony avatar named sathya sai baba. This letter also contained a photocopy of her son's diary in his own handwriting detailing blow for blow all the despicable events that happened to him.

The same identical letter and diary writing was also sent to Bob Bozzani. The Mother was under the misaprehension that Bob would do the honorable thing and disband the whole organization. I had warned her that would probably not happen, but she also asked me to follow-up with a phone call to Bob after I knew he had received the letter.

I called Bob and indeed he had received the letter.

We had a polite, yet firm discussion and I informed Bob that I could no longer follow a so called imposter God who molests little children. He told me he was sorry to hear that and suggested that we humans have a tendency to try and bring God down to the human level and that we could not understand why God chose to do what he did in the case of this young man.

He then said he was expecting that this would happen (referring to devotees leaving the fold) and that sathya sai baba had predicted it many years ago. I again reminded him that my God doesn't molest little children

Both Bob and I have known this family for many years so they were not strangers to him. As a matter of fact, Bob had invited both the son and His Mother to speak at the monthly Santa Ana Meeting just before they left for India several years ago.

Naturally, I was disappointed that Bob would stand up for what many of us now believe is a very evil entity who has been molesting innocent young men for many years.

Bob was the first of many devotees to receive that same letter and sometimes it included an additional personal note to devotees the Mother considered to be close personal friends.

To her tragic disappointment, Bob Bozzani did not disband the organization and now many crude comments are circulating amongst the devotees and from so called VIP leaders of the sai organization with statements that include the following remarks....

1) The son was overly protected by His Mother.
2) The son's hormones were raging.
3) That s/b 's love was needed to remove his kharmic attributes and bad thoughts.
4) That s/b out of the goodness of his heart had healed this young man and had raised the kundalini force and subdued his overly active sexual passions by oiling his genitals.

John, those kinds of statements are despicable and especially coming from people I once truly loved and admired.

John, have you ever watched how protective a Mother Lioness is with her baby cubs? Maybe if more Mothers would watch over their sons, we wouldn't have all the turmoil we are now experiencing in this world.

John, I challenge you or anyone else to furnish me with one authentic Vedic reference that refers to the necessity of oiling one's genitals or pubic area for any reason whatsoever. And I dont want to hear any crap about that it is no different than a Medical Doctor examing a young man's testicles to see if they have properly descended.

There are no vedic references John. It is all bogus and it can't be explained away by Advaitha.

No decent Hindu leader would ever do such a horrendous act.

And John, even if unknowing parents are accepting these oilings as a vedic healing experience, there is nothing in the vedic literature to support it. There are no references to Lord Rama, Lord Krishna Lord Bhuddha, Lord Jesus or any other Lord doing such a thing.

Certainly one could raise a legitimate question and ask why he isn't doing it with little girls? Don't little girls also have raging hormones? John, you are a licensed Medical Doctor....Don't little girls also have raging hormones?

Is it true that sathya sai baba has also oiled immediate family members of both Bob Bozzani and Dr. Goldstein?

John, you and I both know and so does every prudent minded person in the universe that when s/b has an erect penis and then shoves it into the mouth of his unsuspecting victim along with all the other actions, that it is pure unadulterated selfish self gratification. It is certainly not a healing for the victim.

We are not talking about consenting adults having sex, we are talking about continuing criminal behavior on the part of someone who declares he is God .

John, you and I both know that every health care worker in the world knows it is a criminal and felonious act to do what he does to these innocent young men behind his "Curtain of Shame." And you know if that was done in the USA and many other countries in the world and was reported to you, that you are obligated under the law to report it to the proper authorities.

But what have you, Goldstein, Harvey, and almost all the other doctors like Sandweiss, Gersten and many others in the organization done?

You all have kept silent about it with your heads in the sand and have never warned the unsuspecting membership. John, in some opinions, that is a criminal conspiracy that puts all of you in the role of being complicitors and I daresay "pimps" who have lured unsuspecting parents and their innocent children into the lair of the devil's den.

John, it's not too late to stand up and do what's right. You are still alive......But the longer all of you wait to tell the membership about all these criminal allegations that are probably happening as we speak, the more condemnation all of you will earn and deserve..

John, how many innocent young men have had to experience this degrading and most humiliating experience of their entire life just because you so called leaders have failed to inform the membership of the truth?

What should be the penalty for such reprehensible and irresponsible behavior?

Do you want to die with the legacy that you failed to warn all these unsuspecting victims?

Why not do the right thing and stand up and be counted and state that no God whoever he may claim to be molests little children.

John, we are tired and disgusted that none of you have had the decency to at least warn the unsuspecting parents of these criminal allegations so that they may make the decision on whether or not they should put their children in harms' way.

What gives any of you so called leaders the right to make that decision for anyone?

John my earlier remarks regarding your letter to Ella now follow and I wish I could apologize for any pain it may cause you, but John, the Truth has to support all of us and many of us are still going through the intense hurt, mental pain and the massive feelings of betrayal by one who claimed to be God. My apology would not be truthful because whether you realize it or not, we all have besn spiritually raped by this monster.

John, don't be surprised when someone knocks on your door and hands you a summons. There are those who feel all of you should be included in a class action suit and to be held responsible for the millions of dollars that have been spent on pilgrimages to see this Devil of Devils. Who can calculate the damage awards that would be needed to compensate both the actual victims and all of the devotees, many of whom mortgaged their entire life savings to make multiple trips to India to see this molester monster.

John, it's time to wake up out of that hypnotic sleep and reclaim the power of the real light within you and do the right thing. Set an example for your colleagues that are still asleep.

Jai Expose'

Glen Meloy

Glen's Earlier Remarks concerning John Evan's response to the letter that was originally sent to Dr. Goldstein.

Friends, what an anemic response from the Council President. He doesn't even have the courage of stating his own opinion. He is hiding behind the robe and the language of the worst molester on the face of the earth.

Instead of responding , he is quoting a demon who has raped and molested our friends.

God, I am ashamed of these individuals that were representing all of us. As far as I am concerned, they are cowards and complicitors in this huge cover-up that has been going on for many years; and now they are trying to hide behind the teachings of Advaitha.

My friends, just try and use an Advaitic defense in a court of law. The law doesnt deal in claims of illusions and dreams. It deals with the reality of the here and now and with the cold hard facts.

And the longer these creeps remain in denial, the more they can legitmately be accused of being conspirators and accomplices of contributing to the rapes and molestations of thousands of innocent young men.

Another Medical Doctor in Denial. The sai organization seems to be filled with these creatures. They have no compassion whatsoever about the victims. They won't even put on their clinical hats and do what any decent doctor does......namely, get the facts and then make the diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

What poor examples for the healing profession. They should lose their license to practice Medicine. They are not fit to deal with the sick and the wounded. Where in the Physician's desk reference or the Merk Manual does it recognize the validity of advaita for approved therapy???

Friends, I think it is time to start compiling a list of these health care professionals who are in denial and to report them to the various medical organizations that have credentialed them.

If these criminal acts had occured here in the USA, they have an absolute duty to report. But not these pious so called leaders. That is why we have to do everything in our power to expose and hold all of them accountable.

Glen Meloy