Let's wake up our conscience!




Date: 11-26-02

By: Maria Pia Gardini

Sent to: www.exbaba.it

Document date: 11-25-02


Note from Massimo Isolica from www.exbaba.it:

Here's a letter that we've received today, by traditional mail.

It comes from Maria Pia Gardini, cousin of Raul Gardini, a famous Italian business man.

She has lost her daughter and all her money because of Scientology, so now she is strongly against all forms of controlling cults.



Let's wake up our conscience!

Even the godmen and false psychologists from all cults, especially Scientology's and Sai Baba's, destroy families but they are never pursued by Italian law.

Italy is the only country in the European Community where there is no law against plagiarism.

It's time that all consciences in Italy wake up in order to save our families! 

Maria Pia Gardini - Grosseto (Italy)