Letter from Glen Meloy to

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Date: February 8, 2002

From: Glen Meloy, followyourownheart@earthlink.net

Document date: February 7, 2002

Dear Friends,

As most of you already know, my main focus is no longer with the day to day activities involving the exposing of the spiritual betrayal and the sexual molestations being committed by the fraud spiritual leader in India known as Sai Baba of Puttaparthi on innocent boys and young men, but I received a recent inquiry as to the status of our original efforts to have the US State Department issue a travel warning to all US Citizens planning a visit to the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in the Andhra Pradesh Region......and I am happy to report after many requests starting in April 2000 from here and abroad that the US State Department has finally issued a formal India Consular Information Sheet on November 23, 2001  which included a section entitled CRIME IN ANDHRA PRADESH (SEE BELOW).

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As was the case with UNESCO, there initially was a great reluctance to put out this travel warning, but finally all our personal Emails, telephone calls, letters and many stories published in the world media convinced the US State Department that they should at least make American citizens aware of these conditions in the Andhra Pradesh area..

Please in your own way now follow up on this by printing out the official information sheet and  contacting the appropriate agencies in your own government requesting that they put out a similar travel warning for the benefit of their constituents.

Although there may be a reluctance to do so, it doesn't hurt to ask them to list the name of the so called religious leader. They will either tell you no it cannot be done because of legal reasons or they may take the initiative to actually include it in light of the overwhelming media coverage that already exists.

This is a good time to again call this to the attention of the world media and most importantly.......please in your own way make sure this document is put in the hands of the leaders and members of the sb organization in your respective areas.

As you know, we have been trying to get the leaders of the sb organization in the USA to at least warn their unsuspecting members of these allegations, but they have imposed a severe blackout on any discussion whatsoever about these matters.  Now, we need to make the entire world-wide sb organization and its members aware of this official document so that they can no longer hide behind the excuse that they didn't know about such warnings.

If not a legal obligation to do so, they certainly have a moral obligation to at least warn ALL unsuspecting members who are planning a first trip to India for the express purpose of having an interview with this molester of innocent boys and young men.

To ascertain the current US thinking on this matter, I just placed a call today to one of my contacts who was part of the  group effort at the State Department in Washington D.C. that finally issued the warning and I am sorry to tell you that I was emphatically told, there would be no further revelations as to naming names etc. etc. UNLESS there is an actual court conviction.

Let us all be grateful and thankful that we at least have this official warning issued from the US State Department and let us now use it to obtain further media coverage and as an aid in requesting similar warnings from other countries.

Perhaps that will then set the stage for Prime Minister Vajpayee to clean up his own backyard in India or it will precipitate the necessary resources to bring about the legal indictments and conviction of not only the main culprit, but also the leaders of the entire world-wide sb organization for their aiding and abetting and their conspiracy to cover up these serious criminal allegations for many years.

May our combined efforts bring final closure to this major travesty against all of us and may it be a wakeup call to all citizens of the world to be more careful and discerning before they engage in a mind controlling cult that claims their spiritual leader is the Supreme God of the Universe.

Please feel free to post and distribute this information on any web site in its entirety.

Much Love and Light to All,

Glen Meloy




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India - Consular Information Sheet

November 23, 2001

CRIME IN ANDHRA PRADESH - Americans traveling to or residing in Andhra Pradesh should also be aware that there have been media and other reports of inappropriate sexual behavior by a prominent local religious leader. Most of the reports indicate that the subjects of these approaches have been young male devotees, including a number of Americans. Although these reports are unconfirmed, American citizens should be aware of this information.