Letter from Glen Meloy to Reverend Caldwell


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From: Glen Meloy

To: RevDonna@unitycv.org

Sent: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 4:50 AM

Subject: Dr. Wayne Dyer and Sai Baba

Dear Reverend Caldwell and the Board for Unity Church of Castro Valley, California.

I was shocked and deeply disappointed to learn today that your church is reviewing on your web site, http://www.unitycv.org/030309.html  -  the famous motivational author, Dr. Wayne Dyer, who is adulating in the 9th chapter entitled "Treasure Your Divinity" from his book, "The 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace" an alleged holy man in India known as Sai Baba.  This  so called holy man has the audacity to proclaim that he is the God of Gods when in fact, he is a predatory sexual molester of boys and young men.

"You may have read about a great saint in India named Sai Baba. He seems to possess the magical powers of instant manifestation, his presence appears to heal the sick, and he communicates a sense of divine bliss and peace to all those he encounters. He was asked by a reporter from the West, ³Are you God?²
Satya Sai Baba responded without hesitation, ³Yes, I am,² to which everyone in attendance seemed stunned. Then after a brief pause, he continued, ³And so are you. The only difference between you and I,² he said, ³is that I know it and you doubt it.²"

It is a disgrace that apparently neither the Unity Churches nor Dr. Dyer has ever taken the time to do a simple search on this fraud avatar who masquerades in a cloak of goodness yet in reality asserts his self proclaimed godhead as the Supreme Lord of Lords by sexually molesting boys and young men in the privacy of his notorious interview room in Puttaparthi, India.

Lest you think this is just one voice in the wilderness making these accusations, I suggest all of you read the current US State Department's traveler's warning (See on the sites listed below) and carefully devour all of the material including major world wide media stories at the following sites ....


and then see if you want to be associated with this fraud and his corrupt organization, which in the USA has covered up these shameful acts since 1980.

In addition to the various unity officials in Missouri http://www.unity.org/ I have copied this to the sites listed above who represent the former devotees of the Sai Organization and  who are active in shining the spotlight of truth on this infamous so called leader and his organization

For the sake of Truth and Goodness and for the respect of all of your members and those who would unsuspectingly travel to India to see this God imposter in hopes of obtaining that coveted interview wherein their children could be subjected to great physical and emotional harm, I am asking all of you to at the very least to warn all those unsuspecting travelers and I would ask that you not promote the sale of any authors in your bookstores that extol the alleged virtues of this fraudulent entity who dares to call himself the living embodiment of all the Gods that ever existed or will exist.

Obviously, the Castro Valley church is not the only offender who is promoting this outrageous offender of human dignity. It's my understanding that 2 of the Unity Churches in Phoenix, Arizona actively promote the sale and endorsement of Dr. Dyer's books.........and they and Castro Valley only represent the tip of the Unity and other icebergs that are spreading the alleged virtues of Sai Baba and his organization. I am told that many of the Unity bookstores carry titles of many books written about Sai Baba and I would ask that you also remove them. If you need a list of the prominent offenders, I am sure we can assist you.

As for Dr. Dyer, I am deeply disappointed in him that with all of his resources, he would be so careless or so uninformed and thereby causing untold harm to countless of his world-wide readers.

This is the Unity Church's opportunity to stand up and be counted. Will you do so ????

With Much Light and Love For Everyone's Highest Good (including Sai Baba),

Glen Meloy
Former Ardent Sai Baba Devotee for 26 years
Palm Desert, California USA

If anyone who sees or passes this on to others or posts on any site, I would ask that they do so in its entirety.