Letter from Glen Meloy to The President's Office at KCET 


From: Glen Meloy

To: The President's Office at KCET

Subject: Dr. Wayne Dyer and Sai Baba

Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2003 11:30:25 -0700

The President's Office at KCET 

Dear KCET, 

I was shocked to learn today in the Email below that Wayne Dyer actively promotes and speaks of Sai Baba in his books and lectures.  

If I had known that at the time of your fund-raising over a year ago, I certainly would not have purchased the Wayne Dyer "whole enchilada" as it was then being promoted. 

For your information, Sai Baba is the leader of one of the largest mind-controlling cults in the world and is a total fraud and sexual deviate who molest boys and young men and who claims to be the God of Gods. His organization in the United States has been and still is covering up these activities since 1980.

Don't just take my word for it. Check out the material found on http://exbaba.nl.

The listeners and viewers of KCET and all PBS stations that allowed Wayne Dyer to participate in their fund-raising programs and the unsuspecting followers of Wayne Dyer deserve to know the truth about this fraud avatar who masquerades in a cloak of goodness, while in reality, is sexually molesting his victims in his private interview rooms in India . 

I expect to hear from you and will want to know what you plan to do to rectify and help expose this horrible deception fostered on your listeners and viewers. 

The background of celebrity Guests for fund-raising efforts should be more carefully checked out in the future to prevent this most unfortunate situation. If your staff would have done a google search on Dyer, it would have learned he was endorsing and promoting a world-wide sex molester by the name of, Sai Baba.

Glen Meloy


From: Dennis Hanisch

To: Glen Meloy

4/21/03 10:04 AM

(Some private passages from this mail were omitted)

Yesterday I made a stop at Unity of Phoenix as I know they have books on SSB in there bookstore. This church gets 1600 people attending their services on Sunday. A gal working in the store said the reason they have books on this fraud avatar is that Wayne Dyer promotes him every time he speaks there and passes through town. Do you know anything about him or have you attended any of his lectures? I notice they also sell books authored by him.

Take care, Dennis