Dear Glen,

At the tender age of eighteen, Sathya Sai came into my life. In dreams, in miracles. I feel so badly for you to have to expose the lord incarnate himself. It shows your vast spiritual ignorance. I feel ashamed for you and the people who have signed your petition. How many of these disillusioned people have you personally interviewed? You will find one thing in common with all of them there lives are filled with pain and misery because of the lies that they have told about Sathya Sai Baba. Do you remember that Jesus was hanged? It was by people like yourself who are too dense to feel divinity inside the human form. But this lord of lords did not come this time to be hung by petty people like yourself, this God being is here too stay. So try as you may this organisation keeps growing with tremendous force and your pettiness will not stop it. I have put in a request for you to get a glimpse of the other world, I wish for you to visit there and then when you see for yourself the enormous control that this being has on the planet maybe then you will realise what you are dealing with. I know that you have a very unhappy and unfulfilling life you can't fool me, and I know you claim to be a spiritualist, but your life is very contrasting with that of a spiritual man. Please take review of yourself, you are not saving or helping anyone by exposing Sai Baba, you are just temporarily preventing spiritual seekers from finding God. But these are not real seekers they are people just like yourself who can not really have true faith and trust in anything.

I prayer that you will some day become enlightened.

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Dear Seema Naipul,

I can assure you that for quite some time now, I have felt the true freedom of thought, word and deed ever since I disconnected from the mind controlling cult led by the fraud in Puttaparthi who dares to call himself the God of the Gods.

For your information. I have NOT been involved in the day to day matters of exposing sb for what he truly is for quite some time now and it never was just my petition. I was just one of the many signers, but I do believe in the total justness of their cause.

As for spiritual enlightenment, that comes in many ways.......... The greatest attainment for myself personally was when I finally took back the consciousness that I willingly gave away in the mistaken belief that God resides  on a higher pedestal and functions as an external power to all of us  mortals.

Nothing could be further from the truth........ the mistaken belief made by most of the world is that we are taught to literally interpret and practice the various spiritual writings of the ages.

This has, like lemmings, led many of us to seek the love and to give the control of our lives to those who claim to be more highly evolved than the rest of us. It is a grand plan of deception that has been practiced for millenniums and perpetuates the myth that we must always seek approval for our thoughts, words and deeds from a source of power outside of ourselves.

The real truth is that the power of God does reside in each and everyone of us and NOBODY except your very own self can know what is best for you.

You say you are impressed with the control that is exercised by this entity called sb........... for 26 years, I too suffered under that delusion, but I can assure you that the God in my heart does NOT molest little children..

The Divinity that you claim to see in sb is also in you and everyone of us. God plays many roles...... good, bad and indifferent.

It is our individual choice whether we project a consciousness for good or for evil.

Do not feel ashamed for me or anyone else for exposing sb.......... That is not your obligation nor mission. Rather examine your own heart and decide for yourself what you want to do. You do not need an external God to give you approval for anything. If you want to lead a righteous life, than do good and think good thoughts. It's your choice. You do not need a sb or any other so called holy man to give you love or approval for your life and you certainly don't need to hurt anyone like sb has done.

As for living in pain and misery, I can assure you that being outside of the controlling influence of sb or any other external so called god cult is the greatest joy I have experienced. I no longer have to live my life seeking approval from anyone except the God in  own consciousness. My Wonderful Human Imagination (My God Consciousness) comes from the GOD WITHIN and not from without.

I thank you for praying for my enlightenment, but I suspect it has the taint of requiring that I believe in an external God. That I can longer do. IT JUST DOESN"T FEEL RIGHT !!!

I would rather have you pray for true enlightenment that all of us (including sb) lovingly attain our highest good, whatever that might be... and that all of us may truly come to know the God that resides within each of us and that we no longer worship or practice evil in any form.

Since you seem to be plagued with many doubts about the issues surrounding sb, I am sending copies of this communication to other former members of the sb cult and will request that your letter and my response be made available so they and others can also  communicate with you.

As I mentioned earlier, I am no longer involved with the day to day activities of exposing sb. I have happily moved on to pursue other activities which truly make my heart sing.

I wish you well and I pray that your heart will not be troubled and that you will seek the true God within you and stop giving away your own Divine power.

With Love and Light,

Glen Meloy


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Dear Seema,

I think that you are fortunate to have contact with a person of such great dharma, love and compassion as Glen Meloy. As hundreds of Sai devotees over a great many years know, he is not in the least the type of person you have suggested that he is. It is important that you stand for truth. Glen is a man of the most extraordinary truth, and you are terribly mistaken in your very condemnative berating of him.

Nor are countless other former devotees slanderers, but men and women of integrity who have investigated the vast contradictions, and both the light and dark sides of Sathya Sai Baba. These individuals come from many professions, trades and cultural backgrounds. Many former devotees have had profound experiences of the type you mentioned as having experienced. However, truth is truth; fact is fact, and hundreds of boys and young men right round the world, with the support of their also highly respected families and other close supporters and sexual abuse therapists etc., will increasingly present to the world a very different Sai Baba than the one you think you know so well.

Because I am very busy at the moment, I shall copy below a letter I have just written to a well-known Sai devotee with whom I correspond. I shall also attach an article I have just written for an international magazine. You may like to look at it and ask yourself: Would so many former devotees go to such vast amounts of trouble, and put themselves in such a firing line, if they were simply foolish people out to cause trouble?  Please let me know your answer?

(I was a lecturer at Sathya Sai Baba's Whitefield college for two years, and spent twenty-five years of intense devotion to Sathya Sai Baba. I cannot be heedless to the terrible cries of pain from the many victims of his homo-paedophilia and other wrongful actions).

Love, Barry Pittard, Australia