Dear Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, 

I was one of you for 26 years and many of you considered me as a close family friend, Sai brother and "Uncle Glen" to your children. 

As I reflect back on those times, this Father's Day 2004 fills me with mixed feelings of being grateful and yet very concerned. 

Since early 2000, I have been extremely grateful that my son never had to experience the embarrassing and humiliating experiences of being sexually molested by Sathya Sai Baba (ssb). Had that happened and I then later learned of that fact, it is beyond description of the seething anger I would have felt toward ssb. It would have defied any presumed sanity or love that I might have possessed and would most certainly have put me on the path to immediately seek the downfall of ssb and his cult organization. 

As it turned out, it was another family's son whose molestation experiences woke me up from my 26 years of slumber, thinking I was only immersed in the total goodness emanating from all of you under the loving care of the one I then considered to be God, the Creator of all there ever was and ever would be.  

The disappointment I felt upon learning the truth about ssb was absolutely the most hurtful and worst feeling of betrayal that I had ever experienced. 

There are no words to adequately describe those horrible feelings. The absolute disgust for one I had devoted so much of my life to… filled me with discouragement and recriminations over how could I have been so stupid not to recognize the early signs that had stared me in the face. 

Why did I not wake up and read Tal Brooke's book (Lord of the Air) when it was whispered in my ear back in the early 80s?  Why did I not wake up when Mahri and Bruce Kintz told me about their son's genital oiling in 1993? Why did I not wake up when Robert Bozzani told me in late 1999 how a member of his immediate family had his genitals oiled by ssb?  Why? Why? Why? 

Why did it take the shocking revelations in the form of a distraught letter from the Mother of her then 15 year old son that detailed in great length what had happened to her son on two occasions in September, 1999…to finally wake me up from the hypnotic trance and spell of the whole ssb experience? 

Surely now, after the most recent 4 years of continuous revelations in the media and by personal testimonies and thousands of postings on the internet, there can be no doubt that all is not right and sacred in the place known to all of us as "The Abode of Peace." 

Surely now, after the 2001 publishing of B. Premanand's shocking book of 403 detailed pages entitled  "MURDERS IN SAI BABA'S BEDROOM", there can be no doubt about how this alleged god of gods, ssb allowed his most holy of holy places to be ruthlessly defiled by the spilling of blood coming from the assassination's cover-up of 1993. 

Surely now, after the U.S. State Department will confirm and verify to the media and public at large that the subject of their CRIME INFORMATION section in their official Consular Information Sheet for Andhra Pradesh, India refers specifically to none other than Sathya Sai Baba…and that he is that person described as the prominent local religious leader who is the subject of all those reports of inappropriate sexual behavior. 

Surely now, after the recent airing of the scathing BBC documentary entitled "Secret Swami", there can be no doubt about the sincerity and courage of the former devotees who went on camera to tell their personal accounts of sexual molestation, bribery, false promises and intimidation by ssb. 

Surely now, there can be no doubt about the angry, non-loving attitude of the various Sai Organization officials captured on BBC film for the whole world to see when they were questioned about the molestations. Where is the Love? 

And surely, all of the above cannot be dismissed by the remarks of Dr. Michael G. Goldstein when he states on camera that "there is no way he (ssb) could ever do such things." 

Goldstein amazingly contradicts what many of his fellow sai organization officers, such as Robert Bozzani, the late Jack Hislop and others have previously confirmed…about their knowledge of the genital oilings and other sexual abuses committed by ssb. 

As a licensed physician in the State of California, it is an abomination to all legal and moral principles that Dr. Goldstein doesn't uphold the mandatory duty to report these offenses that he has for sure known about since 1981 and possibly earlier.  

There can now be no doubt that certain high officials in the Government of India have been shamefully covering up the criminal accusations of sexual molestations and murders involving ssb for many years…and they have allowed the ssb cult to flourish and grow

without any formal government investigations of any nature whatsoever. 

This is a deep and bloody stain on the very fabric of truth and goodness that Gandhi and his followers wanted for India; and it is an insult to all the decent citizens of India who deserve far better truthful representation and respect, especially for the rights of women and children. 

It's way past time for all the '"old boy networks" in India and around the world to give up their insatiable quest for power and money and to really start practicing and putting into action what they preach about equality, human rights and peace for all humankind. 

Shame on any of India's spiritual leaders who are aware and yet have knowingly participated in the ssb sexual molestation's cover-up by their deafening silence. When are we going to hear their voices of indignation and condemnation of ssb for his grievous assaults on boys and young men under the umbrella of claiming to be the God of all Gods?  

Back in the early seventies, Sathya Sai Baba often used the excuse that he couldn't travel to other countries until he cleaned up India's backyard. 

Obviously that has not happened and will not happen until the people of India demand that their leaders quit supporting and worshipping criminals like ssb.  

Wake Up Devotees! Don't leave your children alone with ssb. 

Give yourself permission to ask yourself…Why would an alleged and self-proclaimed god with all the creative powers need to touch the genitals and engage in sexual self-gratification with his devotees in order to heal them? 

Why does he allow the blood of murdered devotees to be spilled in his bedroom in the temple? 

Why does he need metal detectors and armed guards to protect him and his devotees? 

Why does he need to surround himself with luxury automobiles, solid gold temple ceilings and an overabundance of crystal chandeliers? 

Why does he need to promote himself by allowing so many self-aggrandizing books to be written about his life? 

Why does he instruct his wealthy devotees to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the production of films to glorify his life? 

Dear Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, please wake up and come out of your state of denial; and please do not parrot the excuses that are offered by some of your esteemed leaders who state that we cannot understand the ways of God and therefore have to accept his sexual molestation's as some form of divine healing. 

Do you really believe an all loving God would need to heal his devotees by bribing them with large amounts of money, using intimidation and threats and forcing them to engage in sexual acts with him that are clearly only for the purpose of his own insatiable and lustful appetite for self gratification?  

Dear Devotees of Sathya Sai Baba, please take back the power you have willingly given to him and realize there is a loving life for you without belonging to a cult that masquerades in goodness, yet protects and covers up these criminal acts of their leader. 

Do you really want to have played a role in enticing other devotees and newcomers to go to India only to later find out that ssb sexually molested their boys and young males? 

Please demand that Goldstein, Bozzani and the other members of the Prasanthi Counsel at the very least issue a directive that warns all unsuspecting parents and guardians of boys and young males NEVER to leave their children alone with ssb.  

On this Father's Day, 2004, let us hold to a vision that truth will prevail and that under no circumstances can it ever be justified to allow anyone whatsoever to twist and use the power of their alleged goodness to sexually abuse anyone. 

Wishing all of you the Healing Light of Love and the Realization of Everyone's Highest Good…even Sathya Sai Baba.


Glen Meloy.