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From: Dave
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 21:24:11 EST
To: Glen Meloy
Subject: Of Heroes and Heels

What do you do with a drunken sailor? Where does one go, what does one do when the guru has betrayed his devotees?

A voice crying in a lonely desert, a whistle blower against all odds, a forthright Trojan for Truth--and he couldn't get anyone to give him serious consideration--Tal Brooke is the first of several heroes to follow. Against the scorn of millions of Baba devotees, Tal told us the truth beginning with LORD OF THE AIR. BUT WHO PAID ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT HE WAS DECLARING?! This first book was followed up with the millennium edition, AVATAR OF NIGHT and now thousands are not only listening--they're doing something about it. When the history of this Sai Saga is written, Tal Brooke will take center stage. We former devotees are fortunate that he was such a titanic trailblazer, and is still in the arena of brave souls. He stood alone for many years. He is no longer alone.

Another brave soul, one that everyone likes immensely, at great financial and social cost to him, is Conny Larsson. As much as he "campaigned" for SSB, he turned to be "Terrible Tiger" in his untiring efforts to educate others. He will be at center stage with Tal.

There are a number of recent heroes, and the first one to venture out, besides David and Faye Bailey and those listed in THE FINDINGS, in my experience,  was Glen Meloy. When, after nearly 30 years of faithful following SSB he discovered the truth of the molestations, the pedophilia, the murders of 1993 and subsequent ones, and the truth behind the suicides and near suicides. Like a modern day Hercules he led the exposure of the fraud god we all believed to be the Kalki Avatar. "Gypsy" had come forward early on (Spring, 2000)  but, for whatever reasons, backed off. "Neptune" also stands alone in forthright candidness in mailing letters to all presidents of Centers in USA. Barry Pittard from Australia has been keeping the pressure on world wide. He has written more words to more governmental functionaries, politicians, agencies, news media, former devotees and devotees, and many other types than anyone else. He has been a thorn in the side of many high-ranking SSO office bearers. When Glen had given all he had, and decided to take a breather, Barry picked up the ball and is still running with it. Other heroes opened up web sites and welcomed all reports of wrong doing within the Sai Organization, too many to mention here--and I know that I do not know all of them. Shirley Pike, former president of the North Central Region, has carried on her own fight in a low profile--as many others have done. Special recognition must be accorded to the two scholarly deans--both of whom have my deepest admiration--Robert Priddy and Brian Steel. Their meticulous and brilliant research into all that SSB has said, pointing out hundreds of anomalies, and outright factual errors, has put the final touches and nails in the coffin of this most insidious cult. Their efforts will be studied by thousands in the years to come. Lionel Fernandez in Mexico and Serguei Badaev in Moscow deserve special recognition for their continuing efforts to expose the pseudo guru. There are many others who deserve recognition--heroes all. Most former devotees would just rather rebuild their lives, and that is OK--they are free of this farce. And, of course, those very brave souls who were molested and came forward with depositions, and their willingness to testify when the opportunity presents itself.

What about the heels? Ha!, there are many, but they are more than heels. They are collaborators, aiders and abettors of many criminal acts--and they will pay the consequences. The chief heel, and criminal co-conspirator (and I pray that this sob tries to initiate court action) here in USA is Dr. Michael Goldstein. This skunk had the audacity to feign compassion and caring to several parents whose sons had been sexually molested by SSB. I hope to see him in prison. The top office bearer is Indulal Shah, whose loyalty to SSB and his crimes will see he and his cohorts in everlasting shame. To say that Bongiovanni (Bon Anza) is merely a Baba apologist and spin doctor would be an understatement. When I crossed swords with him he was squeamishly pitiful. He is skunk # 2 here in USA, this self-appointed human firewall. I am sure that other former devotees can name quite a few (as Barry has over the past two years), so I am only naming those that I know personally. They typify the others--like Jagadeesan, et al. These Guru Gestapo Groupies will have a rude awakening. To be continued.



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From: Glen Meloy
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Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2003 8:57 AM

Subject: Re: Of Heroes and Heels

Go Dave!!!!!!!!

Your writing is in itself a healing experience for all of us and I want you to know I really appreciate your taking the time to document your personal history and the many incidents that give insight into this Mother of all tragedies that has fallen on humankind.

I truly believe that the very next word or phrase that is written can be the catapulting event that will inspire others to come forward and help to put an end to this travesty done in the name of  God.

Sathya Sai Baba and his henchmen are a shameful disgrace to all creation and will surely go down in history as the Ultimate Betrayal of our time.

I pray that you will allow your writings to be posted on the two active expose' web sites so that others can read your heart felt experiences.

Thank you for sharing, Dave.

Much Love and Light,