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Sent: Thursday, July 04, 2002 1:28 AM

Subject: Guru Busters on Argentinean TV

Dear friends,

I noticed I never told you about the program "False Gurus" that was broadcasted by Infinito Channel in Argentina on Sunday June 23 and seen in several Latin American countries. It turned out to be "Guru Busters" with alternating dubbing and subtitles in Spanish. I believe most of you must have seen that video or at least heard about it - But for those who haven't, here's a brief description:

Guru Busters was produced by the Indian Rationalists Association and it focuses mainly on unmasking the 'healers' and other individuals with supposed 'psychic powers' that make a living going through the different villages displaying their alleged powers. The video lasts about 50 minutes and there are only 7 minutes dedicated to SB but very well used. In that section they interview a journalist who is critical of SB, his name is Kushwant Singh, he says more or less what all other critics say except that there's no mention of sexual molestations. The next person interviewed is T. N. Seshan, obviously a respected politician who is the Electoral Commissioner and likely to become the next president of India. He is a SB devotee, speaks marvels of him and wears a tacky gold ring with nine gems that SB "produced from nowhere". He emphasizes several times that SB materialized the ring from nothing, right in front of him and he stresses that he is not an idiot he has a Master's Degree in science and economy from Harvard University. Dr. Lakshman Rao, professor of Civil Engineering, also showed a ring materialized by SB. Then they interview a magician by the name of P.C. Sarcar who shows how SB does some of his tricks and then the famous clip of the video where SB plays a trick in manifesting a necklace for a high government dignitary (they don't say his name) SB gives him a silver bowl on a wooden base and he passes the bowl to one of his assistants. As the assistant takes the bowl one can see how SB's right hand searches for something under the wooden base, it is very clear that he has found it and immediately makes some movements in the air with the same hand and the necklace appears. They show this again at the end of the video in slow motion. After that there's another interview with a barrister who is critical of SB, his name is K. Balgopal.

We have written to Infinito Channel asking them to have more on SB.