Letter from Leonardo Gutter about

the Argentinean TV program


Introduction by Lionel

Date: September 2, 2001

Dear all,

This is the translation of a letter that Leonardo Gutter, Chairman of Zone 2 in Latin America sent to all the Centers through the promotion committee so that it would reach all SB devotees in Latin America because of the Argentinean TV program. I won't give you my comments because I don't want to influence yours. I am sure that we will all see the same things, as they are quite obvious.



Preface by Ella Evers

Dear Lionel, Thank you for mailing the response of Mr. Gutter to the expose in Argentina. It is a typical propaganda letter, which unfortunately may again throw sand in the eyes of devotees NOT to wake up to the real facts of the matter. The letter is proof that the Organization is trying hard to exercise control over the minds of the devotees. It is also proof that they are running scared.

Leonardo Gutter asked "What to do facing these attacks?" and then exclaims: "First of all we must strengthen our Faith!"

In other words he is asking for blind faith ignoring the overwhelming evidence that sb has forcefully sexually molested young men.

Mr. Gutter explains quoting Jesus:"Yee shall know them by their fruits". That is just the point. I was a good devotee until I learned about the fruits of sb's dark actions. Clearly the fruits are: no compassion for the young men he molests nor any compassion for the devotees he tricks with false materializations of vibuthi and jewelry of all sorts.

The attempt to besmear Conny Larsson saddens me greatly. They cleverly left out his name fearing a slander lawsuit no doubt.

Ella Evers

Dear Brothers in Sai

Please send this communication to all countries that you are in charge of so that it will be read by all Sai devotees in Zone 2

This communication has to do with a program aired in Argentina with severe accusations against Bhagavan.

In Sai's love,

Latin American Promotion Committee
Roberto Pinzon

Dear brothers and sisters in Sai:


We are living in the Kali Yuga, the Avatar of the Era incarnated to awaken the spiritual conscience of all.
Bhagavan teaches that stones are thrown to trees that have fruits. We also know through history about the attacks that were suffered by the Great Beings that have come to restore spirituality on Earth.

Buddah was poisoned, Jesus was crucified, etc.

Today the sudden attacks of the forces of darkness are directed towards the Avatar that is awakening millions of human beings to more human and elevated ways of life.

This shouldn't surprise us nor scare us.

Krishna stated: "where there is Dharma, there will be victory"

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba also assured us the there was not the slightest risk of failure for His mission.

Even those who attack him today will receive the benefits of the Light that He brings to all beings on this planet.

Why is this happening now?

All that happens is part of God's Plan, nothing escapes his orbit. Just as the crucifixion of Jesus was part of God's intention. Why and what for, escapes our comprehension, but we must have faith and trust and know that at the last moment all will end well.

What to do facing these attacks?

First of all we must strengthen our Faith!

We must go deeply into our hearts and find the reasons why we are devotees of Bhagavan, what were our personal experiences, what was the guidance and help that we found in Him, how we have changed our lives since we met him.

Does any of you have any doubt that it was all for the best?

All of us who today consider ourselves followers or devotees of Bhagavan, have had without a doubt a positive change in our lives since we met him

Jesus said: "Ye shall know them by their fruits".

Have not the fruits of His message and Work been absolutely positive in our lives?

His message gave us a pure and elevated vision of Reality, it showed us how to make our lives worthy and positive, not only for us but for our fellow men.

We found a sense in life that allows us to live with self respect and a sense of purpose.

Since we have known him, I have no doubt in affirming that we have all felt, lived and experienced the Reality of the existence of God.

God has become not only an abstract concept, but a palpable reality in our lives.

Personally, since I've known him, I can affirm with the greatest emphasis in my heart:

"Yes, God does exist!!!" and just as Bhagavan is God, so are we.

And the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba guide us to live with a strict moral and ethical code that without a doubt will help us not only to cleanse our karma, but above all to rise in our evolutional process

We can also see his fruits not only in the humanitarian work that he does in India, but also in all the service to Humanity that he inspires in all the countries of the world

What Love energy is that which has the strength and potency to inspire and motivate so many millions of human beings to dedicate their energy and time to help their neighbor who is in need?

Each one of those good deeds done in our countries, each one of the groups that do service that come from the Sai Centers, are a concrete proof of the Reality of the highest Goodness that is Sri Sathya Sai Baba. A being who is transforming millions from all over the world and making them better people, beings who are more willing to help and give than to take and ask for.

We face all these accusations and slander and before we think what to answer and what to do, I insist that we must have clear answers in our minds and our hearts.

Each one of us, who belong to the Sai Organization, knows that this organization is a non profitable one, we know that there is no charge for belonging to it, nor for participating in its activities, that no donations of any kind are demanded, that nobody gets any money for belonging to the organization, or for being an officer if it, each one of us gives from our time an energy, motivated by the firm belief that it is a form of service to ourselves and to Humanity.

We all know that Sai's Healing powers and the materializations are real, not only for those who went to India and were witnesses, but above all those who experienced it in their own countries, seeing how the Vibhuti spontaneously materialized itself in some of His photos, or how people were cured by eating it, besides knowing people who went to India and came back cured by Bhagavan. But we also know that this is not important, that the materializations and healings are but a "small aspect" of His power. The true power is in the Transformation of the minds and hearts, driven by the forces of Good and the Human Values in the human beings.

The accusers didn't travel to India, and they didn't experience the reality of Sai, and the few who did travel and were "great devotees" did not receive what they were hoping for and turned against Bhagavan, without caring about lying and slandering.

Was not Judas one of the 12 apostles of Jesus?

I don't want in this communication to make reference to the lives of some of the accusers. Because Sai teaches us that we only must see the Good, and we must not speak ill of anyone, but I can assure you that if we were to analize the life and the experiences of any of those people, we would better understand the disturbed aspects of their minds and personalities, that makes them undertake this campaign of defamation and calumny.

Due to the level of the accusations I see myself in the need of clarifying some points in order to avoid confusion and pain on the part of so many sincere devotees that see their spiritual path affected by such grave accusations against one whom they consider their spiritual teacher.

Do any one of you believe that a person would be allowed to sit on Swami's chair? As affirmed by an accuser from Sweden who says that in an interview he sat in Swami's chair, could you imagine that this could be possible?

That same person who says to have been abused by Bhagavan for a period of 21 years, traveled to Hollywood during those years trying to get a motion picture made of his life as a great devotee of Sai and said that Dustin Hoffman was going to play his role. Can one believe such interest in having this film made showing his devotion and relationship with his teacher, if at the same time he was being sexually abused by him?

That same person after introducing himself as an ascetic spiritual aspirant, declared in the Sai Center in Sweden, to which he belonged, that in reality he was bisexual.

Without having to be psychologists, we can clearly see an enormous mental confusion in this person.

Dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to simply look into your hearts and find the answer there as to who Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is, I know that each and everyone of you is going to find this answer:

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is a most powerful force of Love, Truth, Peace, Righteousness, Non Violence.

He is a being who promotes what is Good and has ALWAYS done what is Good.

He is a being that urges us to be better human beings, better in all aspects of our lives, that asks nothing of us and that only wants our true progress and well being.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba is a force of Light in the Planet, and the Light will always conquer over darkness.

Let us not lose the trust in this truth and let us hold on to the purest Principles that took us in this life to the spiritual path and to find a Spiritual Teacher with the name and form of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

Dear brothers and sisters: why did all this happen? Maybe simply because of what Sai teaches us: "that the stones are put on the river to give the water a greater speed"

I send you my love in Sai and I remain at the disposal of each and every one of you.

Leonardo Gutter

Chairman Zone 2- Latin America