Letter from Hans de Kraker


Dear Friends,

I have started putting a compendium together of "Successful Digestions" of the facts surrounding and concerning Sai Baba.

I come across many people that are at odds with themselves and find that the best way of communicating with them and supporting them is to let them digest all at their own pace and time. The "Force Feed" makes things very difficult for them and as we did(at least I did need a lot of time!!!) they need the time. We have become aware and have gathered a lot of info which we have been collecting over the past year. When we started, we got to know bit by bit what was happening and slowly moved into a different mindset and mind space.

We now have an overwhelming ocean of information which is quite overwhelming for the people that are completely unaware. I flew to Italy a month ago and spoke to one of the principals of the group I used to travel with and because of the language barrier and thus limited access to information. The Findings have caused havoc in Italy and caused a lot of pain. Similarly I have spoken to Sai Friends in Turkey and very much the same thing is happening there...(I may travel there to meet with them). My friends there used to run the only centre in Turkey (Istanbul), they are no longer SB devotees).

We are making some great contributions to the process of exposing facts related to SB, however it has become increasingly clear to me that we are only proactively breaking down a structure, but we are not offering people a parachute, or a safety net, while we all have the elements required to not only offer the truth, but also this safety net.

For a while I have been communicating with people that have gone through my own experience and worse...supporting them over the phone is very costly(mostly overseas) and very time consuming.

We all had to deal with the disillusion and coming to terms with the devastating facts. We all have our little gems to offer to these people! How did we positively deal with the information? We were destroyed, went through the process of digesting and accepting, some with a partner which continued to believe or a daughter that continued to believe...but we dealt with it and have advanced and can say now that we went through the challenging excercise of dealing with this constructively and have moved on on the path of Self Inquiry towards the Great Loving All.

It is here where we can not only offer the destruction of a Sai World, but also the plan and path to a constructive future.

Our collective experience in dealing with the "Sai Reality", are a real treasure and making this available to people that are at the beginning stage in dealing with this, could be a real support for many people in "Exit Stage".

This is quite a project and will take some time. I would love all of you, if you can to put in writing how you positively dealt with your 'Sai-delusion' and where you found the "pick-me-up" and how you found it.

The idea is to then publish the "red line" and the common denominators in aide of those coming to terms with, or accessing the information and facts about SB. There is no deadline and whoever can can, I will not be chasing anyone, whoever feels like contributing their "little treasures" is hereby invited. If this can be of help, than that is little in comparison to the great challenge and pain that still a lot of people are going through or will be going through.

Please submit your "treasures" to the following address:



Hans de Kraker