Pain and truth


Dear He is!

You are quick of judgement, specially regarding issues you prefer not to accept.

I am an ex devotee who speaks of experience, who was asked a sexual favour. I was asked to perform oral sex by what I then (3years ago) considered "GOD incarnate on Earth". It took me three years to digest that event which was a devastating experience. When I did not oblige and shared my experience with one person I was expelled from the Ahsram and Puttaparthi.

I do not hide behind any fake or pretend name. My name is Hans de Kraker. I am willing to testify in front of any court my experiences. So before you judge acertain for your self who is to be judged....

Re: How to tell a true believer?

I believe that the best thing is to be as straight forward as possible. I have kept quiet for a long time and was very hesitant to tell my friends. I thought that I would break their hearts and life like it had done to me. But what I found that a lot of the people (of which some were 70 years old,devotees since 20 years)I spoke to were very disappointed and some really devastated but grateful to hear the story. Some of these people had a lot less trouble with it than what I would have expected. It is not up to me to decide to keep it from someone because it may ruin their live for the next months. There are stories of suicide, but at the moment these are just stories. Every healthy spirit, human being that has taken this path of self inquiry will take the story as it comes. We cannot take responsability for the consequences of reality. There is only one person that can, should and will, the great Karma Creator himself: Sai Baba!

How people will react is ultimately their challenge and we can soften the blow by not getting vicious about it, just tell it straight. I understand that this can be tough at times, I have been there, done that but any beating around the bush only allows a very "hard core" devotee to continue living in "the bubble".

Poets & Minstrels

Some of the people that come to this site post poetry inspired by Sai Baba. These hard-core believers come to this site to "do some work in the curve", to save the non-believers from doom. Some of them, knowing the facts, become even more ardent about their believe. I know people here in Australia that react the same way. Some don't want to talk to you anymore because you have gone astray...

It is quite amazing how some people after knowing the facts stick with their believe. I specifically say some and not all because some people just need more time than others. These ardent ones have the approach " when the going gets tough the tough get going. It is something we may all have encountered in the beginning of the "Unveiling" It is this idea that one needs to stick to their faith, the end justifies the means. "If I stick with it now, I am a very strong devotee and believer." It is the "Moment of Truth", where the individual proves something to himself. One gives one owns EGO a nice polish "Oh I am soooo spiritual".

While doing this the individual completely disregards what the facts are and hides behind Karma and Spirituality. What we don't do though when we are at that stage, is crediting our foe(contrary beliefs) with any value or quality. We disregard the contrary beliefs or even better, we start discrediting "the foe". So than when we are "talking to a disbeliever" we really are saying,"I cannot be taken of my holy path". It is kind of a "My strong belief makes me superior,stronger. You are but a mosquito(small evil) on my thick (spiritual)elephant skin. I will not fight you, but i will play with you, and will give you a little joust."

This may not be the case for all, but is the case in many occasions I am led to believe.

So poets and minstrels you may want to ask yourself....

Man versus Women

By the way, I have noticed that female devotees seem to accept much quicker than the male ones. The male seems to want to stick their head in the sand and ignore. H Women are disgusted almost immediately when they read or hear, man seem to have a problem with this...anybody else has noticed this?

Cheers !