May I say a heartfelt thank


Elena A. Hartgering wrote a heartfelt thank to for an article on:

To: The Editor of Salon.Com

And Michelle Goldberg

Date: 07-25-2001

May I say a heartfelt thank you to all of you at and especially to Michelle Goldberg for the cover story expose on Sathya Sai Baba, the self proclaimed God of the Universe.

Until last year when I read 'The Findings' by David and Faye Bailey, I was a 20 year devotee, loyal to both Baba and the organization that bears his name. It was difficult to face the truth that one's chosen God form is really a pedophile, destroying the innocence of  helpless boys and young men who have been taught by their parents and teachers that this child molester is none other than the Lord God and Creator of the Universe. What a tragedy.

Your article is well written and especially balanced, giving equal attention to both sides of the Sai Baba phenomena. It is almost funny, if it weren't so tragic. The teacher of non-dualism is the epitome of duality. He claims his very nature to be goodness and purity, while his actions are vile and reprehensible.

Over the years many books written by Sai devotees extol his godliness and loving, selfless service to humankind. It is high time to publicly denounce his crimes, bring him and his inner circle of co-conspirators to justice, and dissolve the cult that supports them. It is articles such as yours that will hasten that process.

Thank you for a job well done.

Elena A. Hartgering