Letter to Jegathesan, Malaysia, a World Sai Leader 


Topic: Letter to Jegathesan, Malaysia, a World Sai Leader   

Posted: Barry Pittard, Australia, March 11, 2003

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Ref: My email to Jegathesan, Tuesday, April 01, 2003 6:54 AM


Out of the blue, on the brink of April Fool's Day, I found myself in the Cc. of an email to which Jegathesan replied.  He and I go way back to the beginning of 1978, although we did not become close - as I am somewhat relieved to relate. He is one of the superluminaries of the world Sai lecture circuit, and, in particular, has had a large influence on Sai youth. Bit of a worry. Jegathesan is about the only exception among Sai leaders in being permitted by his master to exhibit a flamboyant manner, even more so than Professor Anil Kumar, another Sai star who is given a bit more leash on personality.

We have evidence that responsible Malaysian devotees (some of them now former devotees) have tried to present to Jegathesan accusations about sexual abuse by Sathya Sai Baba of young Malaysian males, but that he, the leader of the Sathya Sai Organisation of Malaysia, has refused to heed them. (As many other world Sai leaders have so shamelessly done).

If you have a strong stomach, you can access Jegathesan's Open Letter to All Malaysia Leaders of Sai Centres and Youth Co-ordinators (National, Regional and Centre Levels), October 7, 2000. It is at: 


Here he speaks of our former devotee efforts as 'the External Threat', 'filth and negativity'.  We wage an 'insidious campaign', and our actions are 'faeces on the ground'.  In almost the same breath, he says:  'Just examine silently those who have 'dropped out' or turned against Sai, and you will discover this truth! Do not condemn them! Do not vilify them.'  He then proceeds to vilify us. Besides repeating his master's voice of the angry Christmas discourse, 2000, we are Judases, but Brother Jegathesan (as he likes to be called) outmasters the master, generously adding that we resemble the Puranic demons - Ravana and Hiranyakasipu.

Barry Pittard


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My Dear Jega,

I did not foresee this unexpected opportunity to send you Love across the great divide which has separated so many good sisters and brothers.

How well do I remember some of our first meetings. A year after we first met at Whitefield (it must have been 1979), you brought to my room in West Prashant a fine, earnest, mainly young (but of course, we were all young then, I nearly forgot!) group of men from Malaysia (and I think one or two from Singapore). I was then lecturing, for two years, at the Whitefield college.  We lost touch over the years, although I would sometimes bump into Mani or others and they would tell me of you and your work, most recently your relief activities in North Korea.  I last saw you at Prashanthi Nilayam, Christmas 1997, on the stage of the Poorna Chandra. Our eyes met, we nodded briefly, but you were surrounded by people who wished to speak to you.

I shall copy below my Open Letter to A.B. Vajpayee.  I trust that you will note especially the content that relates to the integrity and goodness of so many former devotees. They are rapidly increasing in number and I have had much contact with many of them from many parts of the world, and assure you that their dissenting witnessings are not in the least what you have called "faecies on the ground."  For some sensitive souls, this is a very hurtful, cruel and untrue statement.  Others were simply puzzled that you could say such a thing. 

In fact, we are on very firm ground, loving ground, compassionate ground, and stand for fearless truth and righteousness which allow us to withstand being called slanderers, paedophiles, cawing crows, demons, Judases, blasphemers, disgruntled, and so on. We have simply had to cop it all, and not least from those who respected and loved us through the many years of our faithful devotion to Sathya Sai Baba, and utter commitment to service activities. The fact that former devotees are still acknowledged with respect in their professions, trades and wider communities is a sure indicator that many Sai devotees, because of a myopia, have taken leave of their commonsense.

You say that there is "is a lot of confusion", Jega. However, the duty of a citizen is to report a crime, and it is for the judges and juries to decide whether they are confused or not. How can you allow yourself to be involved in such an incredible coverup, Jega?  It is not right, and it will all burst at the seams, and come out. I know that good people have tried to open your eyes to the abuses, but that you, like so many - Hislop, Goldstein, Harvey, Bozzani, Ramanathan, and many other leaders - have turned these victims or their families away from your compassion. 

On a spiritual level, it is, of course, of paramount importance to eliminate the nasty, faultfinding tendency.  Although, I shall enquire - is calling people's actions "faecies on the ground" a prime example of non-faultfinding? But a very real confusion arises when spiritual desiderata is mixed up with another vital arena of our humanity - the need to think critically. Along with this is the extremely important duty of a citizen to report what he or she believes to be a crime, ever more poignantly so when it comes to protecting minors.

In a note to me, an American friend and former Sathya Sai devotee and senior office bearer Timothy Conway, Ph.D., has clarified the confusion of truth levels which I have in mind. He writes:  

" In the classic Hindu and Buddhist spiritual traditions, the great sages commonly distinguish between the absolute, non-dual level of truth (paramarthika satyam) and the conventional human level of truth (vyavaharika satyam). The sages warn about confusing these two levels so that, for instance, one inappropriately undermines the conventional level of morality and ethics by saying ‘there is neither good nor bad, only the One.’ Without distinguishing these levels, we would never have any criteria by which to judge certain behaviours and policies as unjust or evil, and movements such as those led by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jnr., Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, et al., would never have any rationale for getting started. "

Much Love,

Barry Pittard, Australia