Raising Kundalini?


By Dave Brandt

Date: July 2001

Excerpt from a open letter

... I want to add a few other thoughts that are not generally well known to my previous correspondence to you. The most common justification by devotees of Sai's criminal behavior of having sex with young boys is that he is "raising their kundalini" or "curing them of their raging hormones." However, few can say anything to them that will convince them it is not that. I am a long-time student of the ancient religious and "brotherhood" teachings. These teachings go back for thousands of years.

Any good scholar of Indian's history knows about the teaching of Kundalini raising. Raising of the Kundalini was in the past only for the few who had the wisdom and discipline to completely overcome all sensual gratification desires and become totally in charge of the body and mind for God-like purity. The students of such a discipline usually spent most of their time alone and in nature purity. They were vegetarians and absolute celibates. This was absolute celibacy of mind and body.

No sensual thought was allowed to enter the mind. As the mind became more powerful so did the thoughts. Successful celibacy causes such power. If one was not able to raise the mind above normal sensual desires all of the time, the Kundalini golden liquid fire would descend and destroy the nervous system. It could be held in the heart and head only if one stayed absolutely pure. There are many stories of the disasters of ones that failed, which was most of them. Usually paralysis, insanity, and death followed.

So anyone who says you can raise the Kundalini by fooling around with the sexual organs or sexual play or sexual gratification is totally devoid of any knowledge of Kundalini raising. This is totally opposite of Kundalini raising.

The idea that oiling of the penis by anyone's hand can raise the Kundalini is hogwash, historically speaking. The most it could cause is arousal. And furthermore any "Master" who had overcome all sensualism would certainly never do such a thing to a student. And, Sai Baba is supposed to be the Master of Masters, Jesus' Father. This is contrary to all ancient literature and teachings. It is an evil lie, deceiving of the grossest kind, and criminal in every land on earth. There is absolutely no precedence for this in Indian or any other teaching. This kind of folly could only be perpetuated on a generation that does not know its history. And lastly, there is absolutely no evidence in sexual dysfunctional or normal therapy that having kinky sex can help one become more normal or more in control of their sexual desires. Quite the opposite.

So the devotees of Sai Baba have "no leg to stand on" when it comes to their outlandish arguments to justify the criminal behavior of their guru. Furthermore, many studies have confirmed that sexual trauma of such young impressionable youth still in the development stages will usually damage them for life. Few can be totally healed from the wounds of such an encounter at such a young age. All child psychologists would certainly agree with this.

I would hope what I have just said could end the silly arguments and justifications of devotees of Sai Baba once and for all. Of course we know better. Some devotees want to believe beyond any sense and reason. However, if it was just a simple belief, it would be livable, but this is perpetuation and sanctification of high criminal pedophilia against innocent young boys by their God. This is evil with a capital E. But at least the next time a former devotee hears such arguments of Kundalini raising they can be armed with something tangible to at least not swallow another "Brooklyn Bridge" hook, line and sinker.

I wish you the best in your newspaper articles of exposing Sai Baba for what he really is, Evil. If I may be of any assistance, please contact me. Thanks.


Dave Brandt