Last letter from Glen Meloy


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From: "Glen Meloy"

Sent: Monday, June 10, 2002 9:48 PM

Subject: The Third Door

June 10, 2002

Dear Loving Friends,

I completely feel that now is the Right Divine time for me to open the third door of my life and to really exclusively dwell ONLY on those thoughts and feelings that bring true love and light into my heart and my world.

Therefore, I knowingly, without any reservations whatsoever,  feel I must truly follow my own heart and  permanently leave behind the expose' and all its many ramifications.

Some very wonderful and magnificent mental and physical clearings are now manifesting for me and it is time  to absolutely disengage from any and all negative aspects and associations of the dark energy that has consumed me for 28 years.

All communications from me in the future will only be about the uplifting, wonderful, positive events and associations that are now manifesting  in my
new life.

I am erasing and/or disposing of everything on my hard drives or elsewhere that has anything at all to do with the dark forces and negative energies of
the past 28 years. This includes any and all unanswered pending letters,
files, papers projects etc. concerning the expose'.

Most of you know my heart's position on  matters that related to the expose'
and  if you have any unfinished coordinating expose' questions, comments or suggestions of any kind, please direct them to either one or all of the

Barry Pittard

Robert Priddy

Lionel Fernandez

Serguei Badaev

I thank all of you for your loyalty, support and understanding; and I deeply wish for ALL of you (even my detractors)  your highest truth and goodness.......... and please know that I am  holding that vision in my heart of hearts and that bygones are truly just that - bygones.

Goodbye and Go Strong with Much Love and Light,