News from Latin America I


On Sunday August 5, at 10:00 p.m. Television Azul, Channel 9 in Argentina presented in their program called Zona de Investigación, the first of two reports on the present controversy surrounding Sai Baba. The producers seem to have done a thorough reasearch and presented both sides of the argument showing interviews with Leonardo Gutter, president of the Sai Organization in Latin America and Monica Solovsky, founder of the Sai Baba movement in Argentina. Conny Larsson the Swedish movie star who is reponsible for being one of the first in exposing Sai Baba's presumed sexual molestations of young men, flew to Buenos Aires to be interviewed for this program.

Two more dissidents from the Sai Baba movement, Said Korramshahgol from Iran and Sharon Purcell, a resident of California, who also made declarations against the alledged god-man, were interviewed in the United States. Enrique Marquez, a very well known magician in Buenos Aires also participated in the program showing what he calls Sai Baba's trickery in the manifestation of objects and the holy ash with healing powers called vibhuti.

All this resulted in the largest TV audience that Zona de Investigación has had since its beginings. According to a rating report, one million viewers watched the program and the station was bombarded with phone calls, mainly from Sai Baba devotees complaining, insulting and even telling the producer that this action would become part of his karma. Leonard Gutter, accompanied by an known actress devotee of Sai Baba, Silvia Perez. appeared on other programs during the week following, in defense of Sai Baba.

The second part of this program will be aired on Sunday August 12, at the same time, when longer segments of the interviews and more of Sai Baba's supposed manifestatons will be shown. Jorge Hadad, president of the Sai Organization will also appear on this program and a couple of  long term
devotees. Leonard Gutter will be interviewed live at his own request.

God Bless,