Letter from Marina de Kraker


Dear Friends,

My heart goes out to those who find themselves in the midst of inner turmoil, who continue to feel the suffering from the repercussions of being deceived, by persons like Sai Baba.

I have been Hans de Kraker's wife for four years and have an interesting story to tell regarding the dynamics relating to the personal issues that
surround an individuals process of dealing with the issues at hand. Maybe some other time I will go further into this with you but for the meantime I would like to convey a separate message.

I empathise with all the victims, family, friends, acquaintances and all those yet to come who have been affected by the knowledge that Sai Baba has been abusing his position, betraying peoples trust, and not to forget to mention the systemic sexual abuse. It is a painful process but not without a
silver lining.

Sai Baba along with many other powerful figures in the world represents the revealed and unrevealed consciousness of the individuals of their organisation or culture. So like it or not, no one is to blame.

Like all of us, he is responsible for charting his own destiny. As a human like you and I, he will be suffering. However his show will go on as long as there are people who feel they need it.

Continue to respect those who still wish to participate as devotees, not blindly, but purely out of fear. If we examine ourselves closely we will find that this was the reason why we bought into it in the first place.

Living with yourself has never been an easy task, has it?. Everything we do is purely to avoid pain and that is our pleasure " TO AVOID PAIN ".

No one wants to feel alone, what we want is to be part of something much bigger than our supposedly perceived small selves. Continuing being a victim, living a lie, enslaving yourself with indoctrinations, imposed upon you by others is disempowering and disrespectful to yourself. You will never find true love or security in any of these systems.

So the point that I am presenting here be courageous, take an honest look at yourself, and ask yourself why you do not want to be with yourself? Why do you continue to seek outside of yourself for the love you truly desire? Go deep within, dig deep and find the answers, be honest with yourself, be vigilant, dedicate yourself to it. It's a worthy goal.

I have been immersed in the healing profession in Australia as a body worker for fifteen years. I have had the honour in sharing the journeys of many individuals who have been abused emotionally, physically, and sexually. It doesn't matter what the type of abuse is there are no distinctions. Your
trust has been violated regardless.

Putting walls around yourself, and cutting those out of your life that love you dearly only entrenches you further into the victim status. So what is at stake here? If you do not dedicate yourself to the self healing that is so urgently needed at this stage in your life, sadly you will remain a victim.

This status offers no empowerment. The patterns will continue to reoccur. Your unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life will continue. There is only one way out and that is by looking and going within. Often the process cannot be intellectualised. You will have to let go of even this, and feel
your way through. You will only experience pain if you resist.

Resist what?... Your acceptance of your own true self love, and recognising that the pain you suffer has nothing to do with anyone outside of yourself.

So stop blaming others for your plight. Your feelings of pain, anger, hatred, resentment, shame, disrespect, and all those others not mentioned will need to be acknowledged at some point in your life.

Why not now?. Feel it, acknowledge it, own it, and let it go. Cry until there is absolutely nothing left to cry about. Feel it.Feel it...Feel it.

I was honoured to participate in a woman's retreat last week in the Blue Mountains Sydney. I was inspired by the incredible courage of these women for taking responsibility for there own self healing. On reflection, I remember looking at two of these woman in particular who laboured hard with
great tenacity to overcome there personal issues. The beauty that radiated from their very inner beings after peeling through only a few layers was more beautiful than any sunrise or sunset that I have ever experienced. The wonder and beauty that lies beneath these layers is so enchanting.

To be vulnerable exudes incredible power. That quality of spirit in human form can only speak purely for itself. These woman will move on with there self healing, peeling back layer after layer. There power to manifest through there vulnerability - that space of pure openness where giving and receiving love are unconditional will create for themselves extraordinary lives, because there is nothing to hide anymore.You will never be the same again. It's such a worthy goal.

So ok where do we go from here?

It's time for self healing, go on take responsibility for it now.

Draw on all your support systems, family, friends, and counselor's. The world is full of really amazing healers utilise them for your own benefit.

And remember all those beautiful people in your life, they are there because you have created it. They are here to support you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. That's what friends are for.

Know that persons like Sai Baba have already met their fate, no more energy on your behalf is required, release yourself immediately,move on and walk your own path.

Realize that no-one can offer you the security and true love you seek. Only you can.

Go with the changes knowing that you will be free.

The more you let go the greater your true love will reveal itself to you.

Don't take my word on this be courageous check it out yourself.

Don't leave us here, come back to us and share your journey. It will inspire many others to follow in your footsteps.

Share your gifts with the world.

And here is the paradox you've been waiting for.

When you are feeling content and at peace with yourself enjoying every second of your life to it's fullest recognise that your unfolding was not for you. It's for all those who have not yet unfolded. It's for humanity.

This is our destiny.

But you already new this didn't you?

Enjoy it!

With love, in avalanches of abundance, I pay a special tribute to Hans for revealing this to me.

I salute you all on your journey

Mrs. Marina de Kraker