Resignation Letter Matthew


June 2, 2000

Dear Friends in the Evanston Center,

On Friday, 5-26, I was making arrangements for the next joint meeting of the Chicago centers. I learned that the President of the midwest region, Shirley Pike, had just resigned from the Organization and that her center had closed. I spoke with her as soon as I could to learn why, and was appalled to learn that she had found overwhelming, credible evidence that Sai Baba himself had sexually abused many boys and young men, for many years. Shirley Pike's letter of resignation is enclosed for you to read yourself.

I did my own investigation, and spoke to the father of a young man who was a victim of sexual abuse by Sai Baba. I spoke to the former President of the southern region of the American Sai organization, who also resigned for the same reasons Shirley Pike did. I spoke to David Bailey, who had been approached by a student at Sai Baba's school; the student had asked Mr. Bailey to protect him from the sexual advances of Sai Baba. I have spent several hours on the phone since 5-26, because I was hoping to find out this was all false. I regret to tell you that I also found overwhelming, credible evidence that Sai Baba has sexually abused many boys (including sodomizing at least one 7-year-old) and young men for many years, and that the organization has known about this and covered it up. The accounts come from too many unconnected sources to deny. I know there are victims from America, Sweden, Poland and India n just to start. The accounts are specific and detailed, and they establish a similar pattern of ferocious predatory sexual abuse by Sai Baba himself of many victims from ages 8 to 30.

If you wish to investigate for yourself, I suggest that you start with The Findings, which I am enclosing with this letter. I can also give you phone numbers that Shirley gave me. I realize this is a shock, because Laurie and I are also in shock. We feel just as betrayed as you probably will; I thought a letter would be the best way to break this horrible news, and I am sorry to be the bearer. Feel free to call or write; I hope that we can remain friends. I resign from the Sai organization and the Evanston center.

Your friend,