Letter from Glen Meloy to

Dr. R. K. Raghavan


Date: 01-21-02

Document date: 11-15-00

From: http://sekty.net/Data/Materialy/Baba/ebaba12.php

Subject: Sathya Sai Baba's Sexual abuses of innocent boys and young men from all over the world.

Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2000 00:13:57 -0800

Dr. R. K. Raghavan

Director Central Bureau of Investigation, India

Dear Dr. Raghavan,

I am one of several global facilitators and coordinators who are committed to exposing and stopping the sexual abuses being committed by Sathya Sai Baba in his ashram in Puttaparthi, India against many innocent boys and young men from all over the world .

Surely by now, you must have a file opened on this imposter Avatar and I hope you have personally read the Mick Brown Telegraph story entitled "Divine Downfall" that was re- published on October 29, 2000- in the Pioneer Paper in New Delhi and leading newspapers in other countries..

I know you are busy with many cases, Dr. Raghavan, but these serious criminal allegations deserve attention because they are being committed by someone who claims to be the God of Gods and the reincarnation of all the previous avatars with all their powers.

Sai Baba is a disgrace to your National Heritage of Respect for all Religions and to a country which has already seen too many abuses of women and children.

It breaks my heart because I have many friends in your country who were too kind to tell me about this earlier. They didn't want to hurt my feelings because they knew I was a very devoted and ardent devotee.

For 26 years, he was my God of Gods, My Lord of Lords, My Creator of all Creation, My Friend, My Everything until April of this year when I received a letter from a very distraught Mother and a photocopy of the Journal of her 15 year old son detailing all the disgraceful acts of his sexual molestation last September 1999 by Sathya Sai Baba behind his "Curtain of Shame.".

Money was given to the boy by Sai Baba and he was told NOT to tell his parents. He was given a watch and a bracelet and told that he might be allowed to attend Sai Baba's College. He was instructed where to sit on the Darshan lines so he could be called for additional interviews. The graphic details of his molestations are availble and have been sent to many devotees all over the world and to every official of the Sai Organization in the United States.

Similar abuses have beeen going on for many years and are being covered up by the organization officials. They have never warned the membership in any of the countries what might happen if an unsuspecting young man travels to India and receives a private interview behind the "Curtain of Shame."

In other words, they have conspired with full knowledge of these criminal abuses to entice and encourage these good looking handsome young men to worship the feet of the most horrible child molester in the entire world and they have been complicitors in the coverup that has been known by many of them since the early 1960s.

I admire the work of the CBI on the Goa Child Sex Abuse Case and the extradition of one of the accomplices from the UK, but when are you going to undertake the investigation of Sathya Sai Baba?

Wouldn't it be better to take the initiative and do it now before the pressure on India from other countries brings it about through diplomatic Channels.

I can tell you for sure the US State Department has been contacted about this as well as the US Ambassador to India.

The British Home Office, Scotland Yard, The Australian Federal Police, The FBI, The Royal Police of Malaysia, Interpol and many other official agencies are already investigating and building a file on these serious criminal allegations.

Frankly, the Goa case pales in comparison to what is going on with this phony Godman who is worshipped as the Supreme God.

Even UNESCO has withdrawn their support for the Sai Organization because of these allegations and has so stated on their official web site at their Headquarters in Paris, France.

I have personally notified all of my congressional representatives; and even the national media in India is starting to publish these allegations and the testimony from victims.

Your organization brought criminal charges for bribery against one of your former Prime Minister Rao who used to attend and speak at the formal functions and celebrations of Sai Baba and all of us are wondering why Prime Minister Vajpayee hasn't formally requested you to investigate these horrible long term abuses being committed in the name of the most high God.

Yes, there are major political considerations because many celebrated dignitaries and Heads of State come to worship at the feet of this pedophile molester., but the day of reckonng is coming soon and people will legitimately question why the Indian Government didn't clean up their own back yard by investigating and convicting this despicable betrayer and spiritual rapist of millions of former devotees from all countries of the world.

We have victims who are willing to testify and we can send you hard copy evidence and testimonies to verify these allegations as well as Letters of Resignation from many former devotees. There are judges in other countries who can attest to the veracity of what I am telling you and the media is running front page stories about these molestations. which include not only forced oral sex, but sodomy.

The sexual abuses are bad in themselves, but there are also allegations of missing persons, suicides and the misuse of tax exempt monies that has been donated to the many charitable Trusts.

A Westerner by the name of Tal Brooke tried to warn all of us when his book, "LORD OF THE AIR". was first published in India many years ago.. He was the original Whistle Blower, but most of us were hypnotized under the spell of Sai Baba and didn't even take the trouble to buy or read it. The few who did either burned it or trashed it thinking it was evil attacking goodness..

Now, it has been republished as a millenium edition under the title "Avatar of Night'.....Tal was also a victim of sexual abuse as were other foreigners and Indian Nationals.

I know that Tal is willing to testify in any court of law and his book documents the many abuses.

Some of the other victims already have their stories published in various publications and we can provide their testimony at your request..

One of our facilitators and coordinators, who maintains the vixtim list is available to talk to you at your request. He is an Indian National working in the USA and who knows many of the securty people and procedures at the Ashram; and he has told us that the head of ashram security is a retired former USA FBI agent.

I also know the son of a 32 year devotee who was present when they were washing the blood off the temple verandah that same morning in 1993 after the Prasanthi shootings by the local Police.

He is willing to testify about that and the first hand sexual molestations reported to him by members of his group.

If you want your agents to read some of the testimonies and resignation letters, I suggest they visit the following Web sites. There is a continuing wealth of information that is frequently updated.and one of the site owners is also a victim who is willing to testify at the request of the CBI.




For my own personal safety, I am forwarding this letter to my list of former members and supporters plus various media journalists and other government officials...

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you as to what you are willing to do about these serious criminal allegations against Sathya Sai Baba.

I am sure that in the days to follow, you will be asked this same question many times by concerned citizens from around the world and from child abuse organizations and the media in India.. ..


For Love, Truth and Goodness
Glen Meloy