Mary Ellen Meyers' letter


Dear friends from the Sai Center:

After long consideration and heartfelt deliberation, I have made the decision to join others who have found it necessary to no longer be associated with Sai Baba. I certainly acknowledge the beneficial growth that I have experienced over the past ten years, and I am grateful for the joy of knowing and working with wonderful people who came together because of this unique teacher. However, I believe that good things on one side can never justify unacceptable actions on the other.

Initially I thought that reports of impropriety were merely exaggerated rumors or fabricated stories from discontented individuals with harmful intent. In shock and amazement, I found that the information was freely verified by many who had known it for years but rationalized it in various ways. For me, there is no rationalization for such behavior. In this country, that behavior is considered criminal, and it is rightly categorized as pedophilia and molestation.

I am in firm agreement with all those who have the courage to disassociate, and I strongly support all statements that are made to bring out the reality of the true facts. If I have learned anything from my study of Sai Baba, it is that truth is the all-protecting guardian. I think it is of highest importance to accept truth, first and foremost, as the facts of reality and bring our understanding into focus in that light.

I hope that all those who are in the process of dealing with the shock and pain of this horrific disclosure will take strength and hope from the caring divine nature within their very own hearts. When they do, they will know without any doubt that they already have all they ever needed to find their way to health and wholeness. Taking the wrong path is often the first step to finding the right one. Coming to terms with reality can be difficult, but it is a necessary part of establishing values and morals in the framework of life. I have love and empathy for anyone in this process.

I any of you have comments, questions, or points of consideration, I am open to discussion, and I will be happy to hear from you. My e-mail address is

With genuine sincerity of heart and mind,

Mary Ellen

Houston, TX